Star Destroyers Pack v1.0



Here's a nice hidden gem I saved... star_destroyers_pack_v1.0. I did not make this. Unfortunately, I could not find the name of the author of this mod. If you do know who made this, please let me know and I'll credit him or her. This mod includes two Imperial Star Destroyers and even the Super Star Destroyer from Star Wars! I downloaded this from FileFront years before it shut down and I couldn't find this anywhere else. If I haven't downloaded this, the only Star Wars mod I could find for Star Trek Legacy might have been lost forever. I was very pleased and fortunate to save this as Star Trek Legacy doesn't have any Star Wars mods (besides this one). Enjoy, and may the force be with you!

Again, I wish I could say who the creator was, but I do not know who since none was given in the creator's readme. I take no credit nor ownership on this mod. I only reuploaded this here for others to enjoy. The Screenshots were taken me.

The README is the author's.



Ok guys, heres a little suprise you probably wern't expecting! :D

I give you my 2 prototype models of some imperial star destroyers,
and my finnished model of an executor super star destroyer.

Heres how to install

1) open up your star trek legacy directory 
(mostlikely called: "program files/Bethesda softworks/Star trek Legacy")

2) copy and paste the M3D, ODF and textures files in to the star trek legacy directory

3) enjoy

4) please note: theses ships are compatable with all star trek legacy games, 
however i programmed it with the UU 2.0 weapons as it is the version i most use.
So due to this these ships are only able to be used on star trek legacy: the ultimate universe 2.0 editions of legacy.

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