Star Trek: Legacy v1.2 Patch



This is the second patch from Bethesda to fix some problems.

Multiplayer Issues

  • Improved networking code
  • Improved connectivity rates
  • Proper number of players now show up in matches
  • Cleaned up input.map file to remove extraneous data
  • Fixed numerous out of sync issues
  • Fix for OOS when giving repair command from strat map
  • Removed a sync statement causing false/positive OOS
  • Sped up entering multiplayer games
  • Improved Gamespy implementation
  • Numerous Gamespy menu fixes
  • Improved Login screen
  • Improved Available games filter
  • Removed chat history max
  • Fixed a stutter in battle cam in multiplayer
  • Frame rate drop when ships are repairing

General Issues

  • Fixed several Access Violation Errors for certain hardware configurations
  • Mouse lag/stuttering improved
  • Fixed issue with force feedback controllers that constantly rumble
  • Fixed camera issue when battle cam target dies
  • Shadows Option status now saves properly
  • Fixed an issue with sticky/repeating keys
  • Fixed padlock camera breaking during target selection
  • Improved target lock

To be honest, I've installed this mod and I can't see any vast improvements other than the targetting is better although that wasn't an issue with me to begin with. I've yet to find issues with this patch but I've heard it doesn't fix all hte Access Violation Errors.




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