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Hello everyone, IKS here.

I was working with photoshop last night and somehow I just decided to start fooling around with some of the Fed...


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Hello everyone, IKS here.

I was working with photoshop last night and somehow I just decided to start fooling around with some of the Federation ships, so here I introduce 5 new textures.

Defiant Sovereign Intrepid NX Steamrunner

These are only textures so if you like the way they look in the screenshots then download them. I have not hex edited them to be new ships because I don't have the time to do all the copy and pasting and editing.

The reason I have released them is to fill up the site a bit, the site is a bit quite in terms of mods so here is a new pack to look at and possibly download. Don't ask me where the Starfleet Battlefleet came from :rolleyes:, it's just a name for a pack of textures, I guess the hull markings look like they've been through the wars or are about to through the wars.

Download if you wish


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Download 'starfleetretexturesiks.rar' (4.89MB)

--------------------------- Retexture Mod: Starfleet battlefleet Pack ----------------------------

1/ Here we go!:

So I was sitting infront of my PC last night and I was finishing off some GUI overlays for a college project when I got a bit inspired and just opened up the Legacy Sovereign texture and started fooling around with the filters and I after about 10 minutes of messing around I got a cool texture (well at least I think so) and I decided sure I might aswell do the same for a few ships and this is what I came up with. For an hour's work I think they aren't entirely crap :P

I call it the "Starfleet Battlefleet" Pack (I kinda had to give it a fancy name instead of "random textures I just felt like doing" Pack ). I call it that name because these textures look rugged and combat like, as if the Federation had added more hull plating to them for combat duty. Anyways long story short I think they look good and I managed to get the following ships done.

	Sovereign (with Bump textures)
	NX (with Bump Textures)

(initially I did the Bump Maps but on reflection I think they disimproved these textures except for Soverign and NX)

So if you like the screenshots then try them out.

I will more than likely get these done later if I can spare an hour so you might see these later:

	and the Rest.....
        Maybe some TOS and ENT (If I fly through the rest of the TNGs)

2/ Contact:

If anyone wants to have some help with texturing then drop me a mail, even if you want to see how I did these then ask away via mail and I'll get back to you and try to help you with what I can. i am willing to show people how to manipulate the Bumps, Specs, Glows and base textures, and I might just show you how to use Photoshop! although I use Corel for most of my work, only use Adobe to load up the textures but they are practically the same (Corel is slightly better).

3/ Installation

Place .DDS files into folder Textures/DDS

4/ Permissions: you can use them provided you email me asking so. 

5/ Anything else?
erm..nope...guess thats that. Have a nice day :) and don't forget to paint the town red in the evening!

oh wait, nearly forgot

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