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Soon to be released:) Well here it is. :D

This is the latest version from the Aftermath team, 1.7. This release promises to be their best one yet and having played the beta for it the last few days I can safely say it doesn't disappoint. The main appeal of this version is the enhancements in gameplay. The Armada missions have been scripted with objectives which hopefully in time will be further developed. This means you actually get a few small objectives to complete while beating the hell out of the enemy and a simple but effective intro cinematic too.. In time maybe a few sounds or voiceovers to accompany the cinematics will really do those missions great justice. There are a few new updates to the Armada Mode and most of the maps. The controls have also been changed (Orbit command has been reactivated), especially the Hotkeys - so reading the mod documentation will be advisable in that regard. Another good upgrade is the engine speeds. They have been tinkered with to allow for 5 total moving speeds. The interface delivery is not there for it right now but all the commands still work just fine. You have RCS, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full to now increase your tactical movement. The TOS era photon has been changed to a more suitable look. There have also been a lot of balance adjustments especially with the TOS era Federation, they used to have pulse weapons on everything now they have standard weapons to allow for a more balanced match. TMP vessels have all been given the proper phaser type for its era. The Vulcans have undergone some tweaking and probably need just a bit more in future releases. The upgrade system has been toned down to provide a reasonable advantage as compared to the god-like advantage from before.There have been some texture enhancements made on a small scale mostly in the registry area and several ships got small improvements to existing textures.

Aftermath 1.7 - Change Log and List of Updates:

  • Inclusion of Public Beta Patch
    • Temporary German translation of Interface in English (critical error correction)
    • Ingame interface visibility improved
  • Historical Missions mode
  • 6 Historical missions (fully scripted, individual script per mission)
    • Ultimate Computer
    • Wrath of Khan
    • Yesterdays Enterprise
    • Reunification
    • Way of the Warrior
    • Paradise Lost
  • 4 new community made maps
  • Armada modes scripted (all individually scripted)**
  • 3 new Light Armada mode maps
    • Napala (ENT Vulcans vs ENT Romulans)
    • Khitomer (TOS Klingons vs TOS Romulans)
    • Lareux (TNG Romulans vs TNG Borg)
  • Key mapping
    • Cloak (y key)
    • Long Range Sensors (u key)
    • Self Destruct (i key)
  • 1 new Death Match map (Armadus, player count corrected)
  • 7 maps lighting improvements (stock, stage 1 and public beta maps)
  • 2 additional speeds (RCS and 3/4 impulse)
  • Explosion behaviours enhancements (ongoing changes and refinement)
    • Torp impacts give off bursts of light
  • Updated splash for 1.7 release
  • 4 load screens in new format (gradual change for rest)
  • New Aftermath intro video
  • Updated registries
  • Improved textures/glows
  • Vibration enabled (beta stage, ongoing testing)
  • Vulcan ship overhaul (stage 1)
  • TOS photons corrected
  • Several ship readjustments
  • Upgrade System refinement and balancing
  • Foundation work for 1.9 release

All in all a very worthy addition. There is something about Aftermath that appeals to me.. Even though it doesn't boast new ships, fleets or races it does boast a very enjoyable gameplay experience and a dark simmering atmosphere to it. I think what it also has going for it is the menu, gameplay and style of the mod, it almost has a dark theme to it. The style of the mod, even down to the negative-inverted logo text gives out foreboding, ominous, or discordant overtones. :) I don't know if anyone else sees it that way, but it has a dark almost warlike feel to it. If I was to give some constructive criticism, I found some of the balancing a bit off, either DS9 was weak as p*ss or the Borg were on superkill :).If I were to give some suggestions to improve the mod I would say more backgrounds and darker-themed missions would suit this mod down to the ground!

Great stuff from the Aftermath team




Aftermath 1.7 Release notes

-Inclusion of Public Beta Patch
   -Temporary German translation of Interface in English (critical error correction)
   -Ingame interface visibility improved
-Historical Missions mode
-6 Historical missions (fully scripted, individual script per mission)
   -Ultimate Computer
   -Wrath of Khan
   -Yesterdays Enterprise
   -Way of the Warrior
   -Paradise Lost
-4 new community made maps
-Armada modes scripted (all individually scripted)**
-3 new Light Armada mode maps
   -Napala (ENT Vulcans vs ENT Romulans)
   -Khitomer (TOS Klingons vs TOS Romulans)
   -Lareux (TNG Romulans vs TNG Borg)
-Key mapping
   -Cloak (y key)
   -Long Range Sensors (u key)
   -Self Destruct (i key)
-1 new Death Match map (Armadus, player count corrected)
-7 maps lighting improvements (stock, stage 1 and public beta maps)
-2 additional speeds (RCS and 3/4 impulse)
-Explosion behaviours enhancements (ongoing changes and refinement)
   -Torp impacts give off bursts of light
-Updated splash for 1.7 release
-4 load screens in new format (gradual change for rest)
-New Aftermath intro video
-Updated registries
-Improved textures/glows
-Vibration enabled (beta stage, ongoing testing)
-Vulcan ship overhaul (stage 1)
-TOS photons corrected
-Several ship readjustments
-Upgrade System refinement and balancing
-Foundation work for 1.9 release

**2 Community made maps not scripted

Known Bugs

-Additional speeds interface area

 This area needs a new delivery method for display of the new
 speeds. The new speeds work, just it requires a new delivery
 method which will come in the form of the new in-game interface
 in the 1.9 release.

 There are 5 forward speeds in total. The order are:


 To select the new speeds, it in the same fashion as how you would
 normally select them. Just remember there are now 5 speeds instead
 of 3.

Aftermath 1.9 Sneak Peak info

-new interface
-new and updated tutorials
-Survival mode
-plus much more...

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