Sultan Class (Sovereign Armoured Variant)



acidfluxxbass continues with his systematic refitting of TNG ships with armourment technology. His latest victim ;) is the Sovereign class which is now called Sultan class and recieved some major enhancements to its hull and weaponry.

15 Years since Voyager had returned to Sector 001 and the Federation are developing the armourment technology. They decide to test a version on some old Defiant Class Starships. This, here, is the result with drastically improved hull and stronger weapons. This is not so much a god ship but a representation of prototype armor. The new ship is called the Sultan Class. The ship is a huge colossi with great power. It can be used in many ways. Reflective plating makes it good for stealth when in nebula's. It was also good for battling reinforcing the front line or as a flanking ship as it can take punishment. Future plans see the Enterprise-E being refitted into one of these if the Enterprise-E isn't destroyed or the prototype Sultan class is successful.

The colors seem unusual, but altogether it is a nice ship from acidfluxxbass.




 Sultan Class (Sovereign Variant)
This mod will not overwrite any files. It is a series of files that when put in their respective folders, will make the ship playable as well as the stock Sovereign.
The only file to be overwritten is the weapon.spr in the sprites folder. 

- Armour to hull
- New spec & Bump mapping
- New warp glows and colours
- Deflector Changed
- Phasers Now Blue
- Rear Quantums
- No Shield but new hull
- Improved weapons
- New Registries (see below)
1. Sultan
2. Corsa
3. Clapp

Copy files from folders to Legacy.

Copy all *.dds in folder to: Legacy>Textures>DDS*
Copy all *.m3d files in folder to: Legacy>m3d
Copy all *.odf files in folder to: Legacy>odf>ships

The mod has been tested successfully on stock, trek battles and ultimate universe and aftermath.

delete/rename the file db.pak in your game directory, unless you have Trek Battles/UUmod 

The retexture was done by myself (acidfluxxbass) using a stock Sovereign class starship. 

The file can be used by all and is a free resource. Enjoy!

NOTE: I cannot be held responsible if any damage is done to your game. By installing the Sultan class you are accepting all risks of the addon.

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