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Building upon the success of version 1.0, J. W. Williams brings us version 2.0 - New and improved

This download, in theory, shoul...


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Building upon the success of version 1.0, J. W. Williams brings us version 2.0 - New and improved!

This download, in theory, should work with practically any install which you may have as it simply replaces any Sovereign files it finds. There is a small size limit as there is little change to anything which you can physically see (i.e. textures) but don't be fooled - where this download lacks in size it more than makes up for in might!

Armed with an impressive weapons arsenal: high yield quantum phasers, Borg enhanced forward torpedoes, aft quantum torpedoes, auto repair capabilities and increased overall statistics (shield and hull ratings etc...) the Super Sovereign is just that...pretty damn super and therefore it's not a surprise that it does come in at a little higher cost than your typical Sovereign!

This download is highly recommended to anyone who has a taste for powerful warships!


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Download 'sovereignadvanced_battleship.rar' (635KB)

This is version 2 of what I first called the Super Sovereign. I have redesignated it as an Advanced Battlesthip. She still looks like a stock ship but it's whats under the hood that counts.

She has increased stats, high yield quantum phasers, borg enchance forward torpedos, aft quantum torpedos, auto repair capabilities and a slightly higher price tag. 

I have shortened the phaser fire length because ever since I got the UU mod my phasers tend to misfire, meaning they only fire for a second then quit. So, the fire time may be shorter 
to compensate but there is alot more power behind them. That's all I can think of to say other than I hope you enjoy blasting every enemy ship you come across to bits as much as I have.

Place files in corrosponding folders. If I did this right, it will add this ship and not overrite the original. And as everyone else has said, delete or rename the db.pak.

Credits and thanks to Cungi79 for the phaser design.

I give my permission to use this ship in any future mods anyone may come up with as long as you give credits, mainly to Cungi cause I used his phasers with permission. 
The enclosed screenshot is a pic I had gotten from the net somewhere, I don't remember where.



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