System Delta 5



This is System Delta 5. Cammy has decided to have a lash at mapping and this is his first map for Legacy.

System Delta 5 is a pretty normal star system, consiting of a normal yellow star with several terrestrial planets orbiting in close proximity to the star. The system is pretty open with not much cover for ships save for the patch of Mutura and Metaphasic gas clouds loitering on the far end of the star. The only real stand out feature is the lighting of the map which many may find strong leading to difficulty with ship combat which makes Delta 5 that bit harder to win. All in all its a pretty solid effort and a good quality map for a first attempt!



System Delta5

Put the files in your SOL folder on your root legacy directory which by default is located at 
C:Program FilesBethesda SoftworksStar Trek Legacy

Special Thanks To

AcidFluxxBase for Beta Testing :)

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