Terran Defiant

whitishs_terran_defiant.zip —


Here we've got the next version of Whitish's Terran Defiant class with updated registry-textures and improved balancing:

This is the full release of my Experimental Terran Defiant class (1.0b) now with more cannon phasers, pulse phaser and textures along with LOTS of ODF tweaking. I however have not updated the stock versions of my ships and have only upgraded the Trek Battles versions thus TB2 is now a requirement.




after mirror archer brought the USS Defiant back to Starfleet, its obvious that they would begin building new experimental ships in her image. the Defiant class (which would after refinment be named the constitution class) was born. the ISS defiant NX-03 is equiped with the new warp 7 drive, Phasers, and more.

it is required that you have trek battles 2.

the executable should install about 10 files
this includes the ODFs, regiestries and textures. 


this is the ship archer brought back from the ship yard, fresh from the alternate universe. basicly just a constitution with a retextured registry. (now with cannon pulse phasers as seen in In A Mirror, Darkly - ENT)


this is the first ship created useing technology from the defiant, such as shielding, warp 8 drive, phasers, and more. with this ship i tweaked the power levels on all the systems, redid the phaser animations and regestry texture.

installation: run the executable, select your legacy trek battles 2 path when prompted.

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