The Battle for Carraya/Seravan



Specifically for the Trek Battles 2 conversion - The Dominion War...continued...

In this download you'll be pitted against the Dominion once again in 'The Battle for Carraya' and then 'The Battle for Seravan'.

Beautifully sculpted, these missions will have you putting your tactical skills to good use as you try to take out the Dominion fleet at Carraya and then bombing a few bases in the fight for the Seravan system where you take the role of Commander for a large Breen, Cardassian and Dominion task force.

I repeat once again, these missions are for the Trek Battles 2 conversion and although will install to any Legacy directory, you may just be bombed out when it comes to selecting them from the menu.

Also included in this download:

#Wolf 359 Mission fixed #Equinox Mission fixed #Mirandas use the right weapons #Peregrine Fighter Bug fixed #Late ENT ships use the correct weapons




The Battle for Carraya/Seravan
Nickname: nEw-GEN Mods/gdata, ghugh
Email: [email protected]
Homepage: http://www.new-gen-mods.net.ms


Here are the latest Dominion War missions for Legacy. All you've to do is destroying the enemy's fleet. You need Trek Battles 2 to get this working! We also put a little odf and mission Patch in the Installer:

 #Wolf 359 Mission fixed
 #Equinox Mission fixed
 #Mirandas use the right weapons
 #Peregrine Fighter Bug fixed
 #Late ENT ships use the correct weapons

//////////////BATTLE FOR CARRAYA////////////////////
You can access this mission via the following menues: Federation (Additional), Romulan (Add.) and Klingon (Add.)! If you play as Federation you have the Defiant as Hero ship and can controll 3 other ships. If you choose Romulan or Klingon you can choose 4 TNG ships of the respective race! It may be that the mission slows down at the beginning, but after you send the first Bug to hell the frame rates will get normal! -gdata

////////////BATTLE OF THE SERAVAN SYSTEM////////////
This is the first mission I made for Legacy. You may play it as Breen (Add.), Cardassian (Add.) or Dominion (Add.)! Just destroy all bases in the Seravan systeem and the mission is done. -ghugh


Trek Battles 2: http://legacy.filefront.com/file/Trek_Battles_2;85278


Scripts: gdata, ChessMess, ghugh
Maps: gdata, ghugh, Hellraiser
odfs: gdata


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