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This is a small mod but an effective weapon called the erm... Gun }> .The Gun has a damage parameters of over 500 so it will do many a hull...


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This is a small mod but an effective weapon called the erm... Gun }> .The Gun has a damage parameters of over 500 so it will do many a hull breach for you during combat. This mod also includes a refit for the B'rel which is armed with two TOS phasers on it's wings and a "permanent" cloaking device.. Not bad


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This Mod will add an almost godly vessel to the discerning admirals arsenal. The only file that might be 
Overwrote is "gcloak_p", but that is only if you have installed my previous mod (or any later one i might do)

After the discovery of a bizare new energy source, The "Pimp-My-Starship" Team has developed 
an amazing variant of the Brel Class Bird of Prey. All the systems, save torpedo armourment have 
been doubled or better. The torpedo tube and attending hardware have been removed to save room.In its place,
a pirated copy of the Darksaber Main beam (A Star Wars vessel that was basically a Death Star Reactor Room and
Cannon with cabins bolted on), has been connected. This beam, unfortunatly, drains almost all the power from 
Other systems and can only be engaged with the cloaking device off. It also has forced the designers to 
use twin TOS phasers in the "wings guns" (Well, it looked funny with them not doing anything). This ship
has no need for the torpedos anyway. "The Gun", Yes, thats its name, can do an unheard of FIVE-HUNDRED damage
per tick (how damage is measured). It consumes a relativly small amount of power (less than a TOS pulse). 
Using just one of these ships I took down a Reman Scimitar (Thanks, Next Gen Mod Team for such a fine ship) in
45 Seconds! (30+ was actually finding & closing on the boyid of prey). Simply put, this will make mincemeat out
of a fleet. The Shields can withstand pretty much the entire final mission of the Campagain. So, Take this 
baby out for a spin. You won't regret it. 

This ship will slaughter the innocent.

To Install:

Copy "gcloak_p" to {Place where Legacy is"ODF/SpecialWeapons"}
Copy "PMS_Gunship" to {Place where Legacy is"ODF/Ships"}
Copy "The_Gun" to {Place where Legacy is"ODF/SpecialWeapons/Weapons/Phasers"}
Copy "jThe_Guns Ord" to {Place where Legacy is"ODF/Weapons/Phasers"}

[This step is vital.]

Rename the "jThe_Guns Ord" to "The_Guns Ord" (Remove the j)

Have fun


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