The M5 Mothball Fleet



During Kirk's hunt for the Seleya, 4 un-manned Starfleet decommissioned ships appear near her last known position attacking Kirk's attack force. With improved phasers, shields, sensors stronger hull, the make a dangerous group of ships controlled by the M5 computer.

Apollo, Constitution, Miranda, and Proxima classes are included. I was trying to make it as cannon as possible. Enjoy :)


More ODF refits coming your way with tj_hawks attempt at a cannon TOS era ship pack. Hawk has refitted several ships from the TOS era. Not a bad pack if ur happy playing with stock legacy and want a bit of a change.

>>>>> one little gripe, tj_hawk has not put the icon file in the ODF's. for all those that wish to fix this or indeed for tj_hawk himself this is how you do it. (kindly added by voyagerseven)

You need to use the icon -DDS -> "Hi_File" from stock, (Dderidex ) Copy it and paste..and rename it to the same name as the ship's odf file.. ( R_Dderidex_r )and you will have a hud icon

Of course instead of having Dderidex or R_Dderidex_r have the relevant ship name.

Hope this clears things up a bit.




The materials are used from the stock Legacy.They are not supported by MacDoc software,Bethesda or it ownself. the Textures have not changed, just the ship's ODF


1. Place M3D file in the folder M3D

2. Place ODF file in the folder ODF/ships/

3. Place DDS file in the folder Textures/DDS/


1. Remove M3D file in the folder M3D

2. Remove ODF file in the folder ODF/ships/

3. Remove DDS flie in the folder Textures/DDS/

None of the files will overwrite, Just install and enjoy.

This Has worked on the trek battles II conversion so there should not be any problems.
suffice to say, this only took me less than 15 minutes to create than my other files.

The HUD Icon of the ship will not appear at all.
Other than that, that's the only bug.

Report any bugs if you find any.

Any questions or problems
email me at [email protected]

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