The Whitestar (Trek Battles & Ultimate Universe Compatibility Patches



Good evening all. Here is the patch required to bring the whitestar to TBII and UU mod. Be sure to download the original whitestar first located Here before you instll this patch.

This is a set of two patches which enable the Whitestar for Trek Battles 2 by Newgen, and Ultimate Unverse by CJG.

These have been supplied upon popular demand, the weapons arent 100% the same as the original but they're as close as they going to be without overwriting or editing anything.

Please Enjoy!

Here is the original Link for the whitestar, download this before you download the patch: Amagosa987/Acidfluxxbass Whitestar

The odf's supplied should overwrite the original in the link above and work with your game.



The Whitestar TB & UU Patch
Amagosa789 & Acidfluxxbass

NOTE: Stock or Aftermath Required
WHAT IS THIS?: This is a patch that can be added to your Star Trek: Legacy install of our Whitestar.

Included is one ship.
The Whitestar

PLEASE NOTE: The Ships Is Made to be as cannon as possible according to Babylon Five.
Also note, the races have not been changed. for a race change in TB, please replace 'federation' with 'misc' in the odf file supplied.

Copy files from folders to Legacy.
Copy all *.odf files in folder to: Legacy>odf

They should overwrite the orignal odf.

The mod has been tested successfully on stock, trek battles and ultimate universe and aftermath.
There should be no trouble playing as files included that the ships use are stock

delete/rename the file db.pak in your game directory, unless you have Trek Battles/UUmod 

Odf's by: Acid Fluxx Bass


NOTE: We cannot be held responsible if any damage is done to your game. By installing, you are accepting all risks of the addon.
Mad Doc Or Bethsda Works do not own this ship.

We pay thanks Bethesda and Mad Doc for creating the modable game and to Totally Games for providing a free model to kitbash and improve upon. 

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