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A new addition to his quickly growing array of maps for Legacy - TJP brings us the Cameron System. This system is quite an astronomical hotspot with eight planets, a star, two nebulae arranged in a bow-tie shape, a eye-candy wormhole and a few minor moons which makes for an even hotter battleground!

The only thing I could fault with the map is the "bow-tie" nebulae is a bit lateral/horizontal on the map and thus is easy to avoid. Yes it will disrupt your abilities to warp and yes it will mean you will have to alter course to avoid them but personally I am not a fan of laterally placed objects. Whatever about Planets being on the same plane, I think nebula should have more depth on the map to really impose their purpose. But that is only my view, and don't let that take away from a very tidily arranged and well thought out map. It's a small map relative to the amount of celestial objects it has which means space to rally or indeed hide against enemies is at a premium. So you should have some good fights on this map

Again, this was created using the Ultimate Universe so it might not work on other mods or patched stock or even stock, but hey give it a try :)




8 Players map
By Trevor J Pilkington

Welcome to Cameron System I name this map after the Terminator from The Sarah Connor Chronicles that start this Thursday in the UK hopely I get around to sending this before than to be upload by then. This Map was made by using The Ultimate Universe you made need that install for this map to work. It took me 3 times to get it to play with 8 players that why this is version 3. The 1st and 2nd Versions both cash with over 4 players I still not sure why so I have left them out this zip.

Bit of History 

The Cameron System has 8 Planets and is the home to the Bowtie Nebula which was name Bowtie because it looks like a Bowtie. But some people call it the butterfly Nebula because once it looks more like a butterfly than a bowtie. Also has a wormhole that is use to get to the other side of the System (It not a working one I don’t think). Cameron VI is an M class Planet and was use as a base until the polar Ice capes meted away flooding the base which still lays under the water today. On Cameron VII under the Ice is a old city from a lost race which is where a 2nd base was set up using the Ice as a energy source why people began to dig up the Ice and visit the city.  

Sorry about my spellings

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