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TJP brings us another map, this time it's a crafty little map called the "Pine Nebula". There are two versions of this map, one with 8 starting positions and the other with 4. The map is good, the predominant feature(s) being the large array of celestial bodies strung about it. There are nine moons and six planets there to use as cover and rally-points for your squadron, or indeed to catch someone off-guard during an ambush. There is also a sun there too to make this a star system. It also includes a large Cerulean nebula formed in an arch-shape across the span of the map to make combat interesting!.

Ultimately it is a very cool map, although you probably will need UU Mod installed as it is built using UU materials. I haven't tried it outside of UU or in other TC's so I can't verify if it works without UU or not, but have a look nonetheless.




Pine Nebula
4 Players map
By Trevor J Pilkington

Welcome to Pine Nebula I think I may have over done it with the Moons on this map. This Map was made by using The Ultimate Universe you made need that install for this map to work and once again version 2 is with 8 players start points why this only has 4.

Bit of History 

Pine Nebula was name after Captain Kat Pine who came across this Nebula 2 years ago. Since then the M Class Planets near by have been colonized and a research station set up.   

Sorry about my spellings

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