TMP Addon Pack Preview 2 (0.5 BETA)



And i'm back.

I'm here with my second pack of TMP ships containing both yje 0.3 ships wich have been SLIGHTLY tweaked and 3 new ships. These new ships are:

- Glancer Class Destroyer - Challenger Class Cruiser - Trident Class Cruiser

Also id like to thank the staff of Legacy files for featuring my ship pack as file of the week and everyone who voted on the pack ending it on a 9,8 i really apriciate it.

You are welcome Max :D

Well, the description above says it all really. Maxloef comes to us again with some very impressive works for the TMP era, also bringing you 3 new ships. The textures look draw dropping. So I await the full mod with great anticipation. It is great to see legacy recieving so much attention, especially in the texturing area, and this example is by far no exception.

Keep it goin maxloef, you have me on the edge of my seat now.




***** (UN)Official Legacy Expansion Preview	       *****

Date: October 27th 2008
Author: Max Loef
Version: 0.5 BETA(2) 
Contact: [email protected]
Compatible With: Stock Legacy 1.1, Aftermath Mod, Keys Of Legacy
NOT Compatible with: Legendary Generations, Trek Battles
Untested on: Ultimate Universe Mod (1.0 or 1.5b)
Credits to: Bethesda Softworks, Maddoc Software

***** Description				       *****

This is a Small pack of ships from the TMP era, there are
two new ships and a few TNG/DS9. There ships
have been build in the same way as stock legacy ships
preventing any loss in performance and garantueening a smooth
game. This is the first release of series of packs covering
all races and eras of the game.
This is only a preview pack for the Federation TMP pack.
See the Images folder for screenshots.

***** Included					       *****

- Constant Class Destroyer
- Curry Class Battleship
- Glancer Class Destroyer
- Challenger Class Cruiser
- Trident Class Cruiser
- Centaur Class TNG refit
- Miranda Class TNG refit
- Excelsior Class TNG refit

***** Full version will contain.		       *****
- Saladin Class Scout
- Strider Class Scout
- Apollo Class Scout (TMP)
- lantree Class Destroyer
- Constant Class Destroyer
- Saratoga Class Destroyer
- Belknap Class Cruiser
- Longbow Class Cruiser
- Avenger Class Battleship
- Federation Class Battleship

***** Disclaimer				       *****

All Content Inside this "MOD" not created by me Maxloef, 
is copyrighted to Bethesda Softwork/Maddoc Software.
By Downloading this file you agree that you will NOT use any
content from this package with my (maxloef) direct persmission
aquired by email, furthermore i am not resposible if this causes
any damage to your computer, life or anything related to this.

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