TNG Klingon Intelligence Mod

Ganondorf2002 presents us with the Klingon Intelligence Mod, which is a complete new race for Legacy. This new races includes...


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Ganondorf2002 presents us with the Klingon Intelligence Mod, which is a complete new race for Legacy. This new races includes four modified and retextured Klingon Ships. They all have had their stats bumped up and their weapons have been changed for the better. This modification includes four remastered ships, including: Vorcha, Deathrite, K-32, and Brel.

By looking at the screenshots, the ships look better and nicer than the stock textures. The ships are also stronger than their stock counterparts and are a nice improvement. Definetly recommended for those who think the Klingons were short-changed in Legacy :D.

Note: The New Races Mod 3.0 and the 3.1 Fix is needed for these ships to appear as a new race. However, if you want these ships to appear under the Klingon race, follow the directions in the readme on how to change the .odf.


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Download 'tngklingonintelligence.rar' (11.37MB)

TNG Klingon Intelligence Mod by ganondorf2002

Nickname:	ganondorf2002
Email:		bgaines1 AT COX DOT net

Description:	This is my first full race mod.  Included are four
		Klingon ships that have been retextured, modified 
		for the Klingon Intelligence race in New Race Mod 3.
		All of the ships have had their stats increased to 
		allow them to engage tougher enemies.  The weapon odf
		files have had changes made to the ordnance, damage,
		and range.  These are modifed ships and weapons from 
		the stock files of legacy.  They were tested with the
		UU along with both patches and borg pack installed. 
		Also these are playable by the AI.
		The four ships included are:
		Vorcha - Battleship
		Deathrite - Cruiser
		K-32 - Destroyer
		Brel - Scout
		If people enjoy these ships I will release similar modified
		ships for TOS & TMP era.


		Copy the files into the corosponding folders in Legacy.  Remember to remove
		the db. pak prior to playing.  


		Cungi's New Race Mod 3.0 or 3.1 is required if you want to play these
		in the Klingon Intelligence Race.  But if you want to use them just in 
		the Klingon Empire, change the race in the ship's odf from "klingint" to 
		"klingon"  None of these files will overwrite any existing files.


		If you want to use any of this mod for your own mod to be released please
		contact me prior to using for permission.

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