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The New Gen Mod Team presents Trek Battles! Yes it's finally here! If you haven't seen the news items or the PotD's pertaining to Trek Battles, it is a compilation mod that adds new ships, maps, missions, new races, and enhanced visual effects to Legacy. Over 40 new maps are available with this pack, along with many Terran Empire Ships (long live the empire!), new Historical, Alternate Timelines, and Fictional Missions were added.

Trek Battles is compatible with all the major mods to this date, including TLG 2.0 and the popular Ultimate Universe Mod. This pack is definitely recommended to anyone who wants to get more out of Legacy, so download now! :)




Trek Battles Mod 1.0
Nickname:        nEw-GEN. Mods
Email:           [email protected]
Forums:          http://www.new-gen-mods.net.ms


This is a Addon that will add new ships, new maps, new missions, better visual effects and new Races to the game. We worked now for more than a month and are happy to present you our work!
This is compatible with every popular mod avialable at the moment like TLG 2.0 and UUMod Demo!


First run the Installer called Setup1.exe;

Then run the Installer:

 - Setup2_OTHER.exe for a game without menu changes or minor menu changes! (TEM 1.0, CM0.4 and Keys of Legacy 1.1 and every version of New Races Mod)
 - Setup2_UUM.exe for a modded game with UUMod Demo (no Patch or Patch 1 or 2)
 - Setup2_TLG.exe for a modded game with TLG 2.0


 - Missions do not end properly (new cinematic scenes and objectives will be added if a mission scripting tool will be released!)
 - Non-AI ships on Maps do not move (whether this will be fixed, depends again on the modding tools, that Bethesda will release!)
 - Only Stock-Races are AI playable!!!! Otherwise your game will crash

If you discover a bug please send a e-mail with an exact decription of the bug to: [email protected]

Extended Description of Changes/Things that have been added:

We added and changed a lot of things. We:

- made all ships tractorable.
- added/improved the Prometheus.
- added the Scimitar/Bertaa/Kelvin/Kelvin Refit/...(see Credits).
- added several Terran Empire Ships!
- added some Visual Enhancements (such as Pulse Phaser impacts).
- added about 40 new maps.
- added various new missions (Fictional, Alternate Timelines, Historical Battles).
- removed the background video and added pictures of several ships.
- added/changed a lot of things, I do not remember what it was....

What will be added in Future:

- Mission Scripts (Mod Tools!)
- Dominion/Cardassian/Breen Ships
- More Missions
- More Ships
- More Maps


I tested all changes and missions on a computer with the following specs:

AMD 64 3500+
NVidia GeForce 7300GS 265MB
1000 MB Ram

Legacy runs with the following graphics adjustment:

1024*768, 4x Multisample, Details: Very High

If your computer is under this specs the game might slow down and you have to choose lower graphics options (1x/2x Multisample, Medium Details)


If you a question concerning compatibility with other mods, suggestions or anything else send an e-mail to me (gdata) or visit our nEw-GEN Mods Website (www.new-gen-mods.net.ms).



Maps: ghugh, yopyop, NCC1717, gdata, Daregore, Bethesda, Cungi
Missions: gdata, ghugh, NCC1717

-----Prometheus [6.0, final]-----
Legacy Port: nEw-Gen Mods
Tweaks: P$YCHO
Hardpoints: gdata
Models:  Gtea, FTB
Textures: Gtea

-----TNG Refits------
Textures: yopyop
Hex-Editing: yopyop
Odf-Editing: yopyop

-----Wolf 359 Ship Pack-----
Models: LC
Textures: LC
Port: P$YCHO
Specs, Bumps, Glows: P$YCHO

-----New Races Mod [3.0]-----
XML: Ilithi Dragon
odf: Cungi

-----Other Menu Modifications-----
XML: gdata
Background Pics: gdata

Legacy Port: gdata
BC Port: Cpt 2xtreme
Model:  Activision
Textures: Activision
Bumpmaps\Specs\Glows: gdata

Model: Dawn
Textures: Dawn
Legacy Port: Major A Payne

-----Kelvin(, Refit)-----
Legacy Port: gdata
Kitbash: gdata
Models:  p81
Textures: p81/Soveriegn001/Bethesda
Bumpmaps\Glows: gdata

-----Terran Ships-----
Textures: Bethesda/chrisluskey/anunc8
Odf-Editing: chrisluskey/anunc8
Hex-Editing: chrisluskey/anunc8

-----Cardassian Stations-----
Legacy Port: gdata
Textures: Activision
Models: Activision
Specs/Bumps: gdata 

-----Torpedo Textures-----
Textures: TLG Team

-----Bertaa Battleship-----
Model: Terradyhne
Textures: Terradyhne
BC Port: Zambie Zan
Legacy Port: gdata



This material is not made or supported by Bethesda or MAD DOC Software. This material is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes! By installing this addon, you (the user) agree to and assume all risks of said addon. As a result, I take no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved. All other trademarks
and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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