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Santa Claus has definitely dropped by Legacy Files and left a present under the tree - Trek Battles 2. It has been on the cards for s...


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Santa Claus has definitely dropped by Legacy Files and left a present under the tree - Trek Battles 2. It has been on the cards for sometime and what was promised has been delivered. Standing at 540mbs it has certainly got weight to it and substance.

Main Features:

  • A new and unique interface!
  • Dozens of new ships for ALL races!
  • Federation
  • Borg
  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Vulcan
  • Terran
  • Dominion
  • Cardassian
  • Breen
  • Misc.
  • Designs that have been never seen before!
  • More than 140 new maps and missions!
  • New stellar Objects
  • Scripted missions
  • Retextures of a lot of stock ships

The Interface looks great... It's TMP era feel to it looks funky and a feature that really impressed me was the ship selection menu. When you select a ship it's name is nowhere to be seen but when you mouseover the ship it's name appears as does a ring around the ship that looks like a Cardassian Interface from a panel on DS9! In the miscellaneous race you have the choice to choose from for all you Voyager fans out there - the Maquis Raider, Krenim Timeship, Kazon Raider and the 8472 Bioship along with the Reman Scimitar. There is also an upgrade system which looks fantastic too. It is a Total Conversion in every way possible as everything is modded, including it's very own separate campaign which is independent from the Stock one. :D

When you select the Campaign mode you'll get a nice surprise - 3 separate Campagins. The Stock Campaign, the Race Campaigns and the Trek Battles Campaign. In the Trek Battles Campaign you actually have a whole campaign spanning the three Eras to play in. Another little surprise in there is the Race Campaigns, which contains the Historical Missions, Additional Missions and Alternate Missions, so you cannot complain about boredom!

The range of ships is great. From several types of shuttles to the dreadnoughts of War, this really has impressed me. The main bulk of the Trek Battles Fleets are ports, but there are also originals from New Gen as well. With ships from BC, SFC, Armada, Stock Legacy and originals (alot of Tiptop, gdata and yopyop originals are here) it definitely will not disappoint. There are a few nitpicks though, mainly some of the voiceover acting is a bit bland and the game's loading on startup is a bit long but they do not take away from a truly majestic mod!

I could go on and on about this mod but I think if you want to see for yourself you should download it.

:beer: - IKS

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Download 'setup_tb2.exe' (539.62MB)

1. Description

Hello guys, first of all: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Finally it is here: TREK
 BATTLES 2! After months of porting, modeling, scripting and mapping and
 weeks of fixing bugs we're proud to present you the new missions, maps,
 ships, the new interface and all the other stuff we added! There have
 been several new ships added most of them were ported from Bridge
 Commander(thanks to Captain Russel, Scotchy, Queball, Chronocidial Guy, and
 allt the others), but there are also a few ships from Armada (thanks to
 Wrath of Achilles), SFC and completely new ship designs modeled by
 TipTop, yopyop, chrisluskey, shadowbuilder and me!
There is a huge diversity of maps that have been added since the first
 release (more than 140 new maps and missions!). We were also able to
 add new missions with the new scripting tools; most of them are fictional
 but there are also a few missions from the movies or series! There is
 also a upgrade system, which allowes the user to improve the weaponry,
 sensors, shields, engines and hull of a ship! Thanks to tjoz for the
 permission to add this really cool feature to the Mod!
New sounds have been made by AnunC8 for the new races! Then we made the
 classification system more canon: The scout is now a frigate and there
 are new sub-classes, like battlecruiser, torpedocruiser and light
 cruiser; The new classes are the armed shuttle, the un-armed shuttle, the
 support vessel, the escort vessel and the science ship! Special thanks
 to TipTop, who made a whole shuttle fleet for us (THEY ARE ALL SCALED
 DOWN TO THE REAL SIZE!!!) and to NCC1717 for the new space dust sprite!
AnunC8 (and tjoz) made a new menu...I hope you like it!!! Now we have
 10(!) playable races!!! Okay we had to use "placeholders" with the
 Dominion, Vulcan's and the Cardassians and added a few TNG vessels to bulk
 up the era's, but we plan to replace them, if we'll release a expansion
 pack, addon or new version!
You may wonder what yopyop and I have done...well we put everything
 together, made things compatible, ported a bit, made one or two models,
 made new maps and made the new effects, like torpedo impacts, ...!

I hope I forgot nobody and if so...sorry guys!

-gdata (Trek Battles Project Leader)

2. Main Features:

- a new and unique interface!
- dozens of new ships for ALL races!
- Federation
- Borg
- Klingon
- Romulan
- Vulcan
- Terran
- Dominion
- Cardassian
- Breen
- Misc.
- designs that have been never seen before!
- more than 140 new maps and missions!
- new stellar Objects
- scripted missions
- retextures of a lot of stock ships

3. Compatability with other mods

Trek Battles is not compatible with other total conversions, like STL:
 The Aftermath, the Legendary Generations Mod or Ultimate Universe! If
 you need help with putting ships or new maps or whatever you want in
 Trek Battles feel free to post on our forum and someone will help you!
 Later we might create a tutorial how to add new sprites to Trek Battles or
 how to use the new classification system. We will see whether that is

4. Team members

- Project Leader : gdata
- Advisor : yopyop
- Senior Mapper : ghugh
- Assistant Mappers : dawnofwar4, gdata, Hellraiser, alexraptor
- Menudesign : AnunC8
- Lead Porter : chrisluskey
- Other Porters : gdata, tiptop, NCC1717, yopyop, noci3
- Texturers : NCC1717, AnunC8, Chrisluskey, yopyop
- Sounds : AnunC8
- Modelers : TipTop, shadowbuilder, chrisluskey, yopyop
- Visual Enhancements: NCC1717, gdata
- Balancing work : voyagerseven
- Language Correction: Hellraiser
- Bug fixing : gdata, tiptop

5. Special Thanks to:

# IKS_YO_MAMA : for the moral support!
# tjoz : for the help with the menu-systemm and the mapping related
# ChessMess : for the mission template!
# Moonraker : for the exporter and the help on how to use it!

6. Bugs

If you discover a bug please post in the bug-section on our forum, the
 bug will be fixed in the next patch!

7. System Requirements:

Operation System : Windows XP Home, Professional or Media Center
 Edition; we tested the mod also on Windows Vista Ultimate, but Multiplayer
 will not work with Vista!
Processor : Intel Pentium 4 or higher; AMD Athlon XP 2800+ or higher
DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
RAM : 1024MB
Harddrive space : 6GB (4GB for the stock game and 2GB for the mod)
Graphicscard : DirectX 9.0 compatible, with pixelshader 1.4 and 256MB
 RAM; we suggest to get the latest video drivers!

8. Credits:

This pack includes several models sourced from the Bridge Commander,
 Armada (2) and SFC communities, credits for all ships, mods and changes,
 can be found in the main credits file! We have permission for every
 port in this game!

9. Mods for the Mod:

The mod is also intended to be a base to work from. Feel free to
 release maps or missions for Trek Battles 2, but if you want to make changes

10. Trek Battles 3 :

Whether or not we make TB3, there will be several missions released for
 the mod which will be playable in the campaign... Whichever (huge)
 project we plan to do after TB2 will be secret...but what I can tell you

11. Legal:

This material is not made or supported by Bethesda or MAD DOC Software.
 This material is freeware and may not be used for commercial
purposes! By installing this addon, you (the user) agree to and assume
 all risks of said addon. As a result, we take no responsibility for any
 damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.
Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All
 rights reserved. All other trademarks
and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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