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Here is another scripted mission from Trekky What is it - This is a scripted mission of the battle between the Reliant and the Enterp...


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Here is another scripted mission from Trekky What is it - This is a scripted mission of the battle between the Reliant and the Enterprise in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan. It also includes the files for Star Trek Generations. It's a really nice mission and plays pretty well. It is based off of Mechascorpio's TWOK unscripted mission released a year ago on this site(All credits are provided). You will need to read the installation instructions carefully and have a modded legacy capable of hosting historical missions such as the community mod which this was built using. Overall it is a good mission so grab it, play it and enjoy it :)


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Download '' (10.05MB)

What is it - This is a scripted mission of the battle between the Reliant and the Enterprise in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan. I have also included the files for Star Trek Generations.

Installation - 

1.The best and fastest way to install in downloading the mission editor. Extract the file, and put all the contents of the mission editor into the base Star Trek Legacy folder. Don't replace any files.

Now to installing the mission. Just open the mission importer and open the Generations.mission file into it. Pick the number you want and import. You can now play the mission. Please leave feedback on improvements I could make.

2. If you can't get the .mission file to work, I have included the files, you just got to copy and paste alot. 
-Put the files in there corresponding directory.

-In the Legacy missions xml file or the historical mission xml file in the campaign/ legacy destination, add these lines corresponding to the dates listed-
For Twok -
<TheWrathofKhan file=&quot;TWOK.sol&quot; date=&quot;2270&quot; image=&quot;twok&quot; numShips=&quot;0&quot; hero=&quot;F_Enterprise_A.odf&quot; skipPoints=&quot;3500&quot; freeCPs=&quot;0&quot;/>

For Generations -
<Generations file=&quot;VII.sol&quot; date=&quot;2370&quot; image=&quot;STG&quot; numShips=&quot;0&quot; hero=&quot;F_Enterprise_D.odf&quot; skipPoints=&quot;0&quot; freeCPs=&quot;0&quot;/>

-In the base Legacy folder, in the LabelMap_EN xml, add these lines-
For TWOK -
<Entry id=&quot;mission_selectTWOK.sol&quot;>The Wrath of Khan </Entry>

For Generatons -
<Entry id=&quot;mission_selectVII.sol&quot;>Generations </Entry>

-Now in the Objectives_Localized_Strings_EN XML in the same location, add these lines ( with out word wrap ) -
For TWOK -
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_DESCRIPTIONS_DESCRIPTION0&quot;>Khan has taken control of the Reliant and plans on using the Genisis Device.</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY0&quot;>Destroy Khan and even the Reliant if necessary, he can't have the Genesis Device.</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY1&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY2&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY3&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY4&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY5&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY6&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_SECONDARY_SECONDARY0&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_HINTS_HINT0&quot;>Hide throughout the Mutara Nebula to avoid being fired upon</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_HINTS_HINT1&quot;></Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_OBJECTIVES_HINTS_HINT2&quot;></Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;TWOK_TITLE&quot;>The Wrath of Khan</Entry>

For Generations, Also with out word wrap -
	<Entry id=&quot;VII_OBJECTIVES_DESCRIPTIONS_DESCRIPTION0&quot;>The Duras sisters are on the Bird of Prey. They have taken out the Enterprises shields. Stop the Bird of Prey from escaping!  </Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;VII_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_PRIMARY_PRIMARY0&quot;>Destroy the Klingon Bird of Prey</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;VII_OBJECTIVES_OBJECTIVES_SECONDARY_SECONDARY0&quot;>New Objective</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;VII_OBJECTIVES_HINTS_HINT0&quot;>Try to hide behind the nearby moon.</Entry>
	<Entry id=&quot;VII_TITLE&quot;>Generations</Entry>

***You still have to copy the sound files, no matter which way you install, into the sound directory*** 

Your done, hope you enjoy. 

-I have also included the source code. This mission was made on the Community mod. Should be able to import on other mods, there nothing special in this mission other mods don't have.  

***Thankyou ChessMess (Homepage - for the letting me use the mission template.***
***Thankyou Mechascorpio for making the base TWOK mod***

Legal -This material is not made or supported by Bethesda or MAD DOC Software. This material is freeware and may not be used for commercial purposes! By installing this mission, you (the user) agree to and assume all risks of the mission. As a result, I take no responsibility for any damages that may occur to your game, mod or hardware.

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. All 
rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties 
of their respective owners.All sound bites and voice overs are property of their respective owners.

Please contact me before using the mission in any of your work ( mods, large add-ons, etc. ). 

Contact me - 
Email- [email protected]

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