U.S.S. Monitor NX-76007

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Okay this is 1/9AirCav's Starship Monitor. The Monitor is a Defiant Class ship and is a tough little cookie too.

Stats Armnaments: Armed with better rechargable four torpedoes turrets/shafts, two aft Quantum launchers with longer range and a larger damage factor Pulse and Phaser Reticules are enhanced to give a better targetting arc, more efficient rates of fire/recharge, longer range/scope and inflict more damage on targets

Generic Ship Enhancements: Increased strength, performance and/or range in the following systems - Shields - Engines (Arc Velocity and stability) - Hull Armour - Sensor Sensitivity

MISC Addons Info: Command Points is increased to 28000 points.. Also the Running/Nav Lights-Disabled is included

All in all, a very very nice mod. ;)



NX-76007 U.S.S. Monitor v1.0 readme                  30Jan07

By: 1/9AirCav

Special Thanks to: 
Genty-Using the same method he used to add the Mirror NX. Additional  instruction on disabling running/nav lights.    
Star Trek Legacy forum members/staff. Added input.

You will need WinRar to extract this file.
Unless all parties have matching content this will break   multi-player! 
This mod will NOT over-rite the existing Defiant. It is added to   your ship selection.
Install Instructions:
1.Once extracted Double click the NX-76007v1.0exe, a few clicks,  you’re done.

Un-Install Instructions:
1.Click Start, All Programs, then highlight NX-76007v1.0, Click the   uninstall tab.     


This ship was inspired by the William Shatner novel “The Return”.
Torps-4 Fwd, 2 Rear Quantum’s. Increased range, damage &            re-charge rate.
Pulse-Increased firing rate, range, damage, arc & re-charge           rate.
Phaser-Increased range, damage.
Other items:
Shields-Increased strength
Engines-Slightly increased, this ship gets very unstable &            erratic with high values.
Hull-Increased strength
Sensors-Increased range
Cost-Increased to 28,000
Running/Nav Lights-Disabled
And obviously textures.     
Helpfull links:

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