USS Yeager



This is the Yeager Class, a strange kitbash of an Interprid and Maquis Raider which somehow made it into Star Trek Canon. MrJohn brings us a port of Zorg's original model from Bridge Commander.

Federation starship, a patrol cruiser, Starfleet registry NCC-65674. This ship measures 402.11 meters in length, crews 204, and displaces 550,000 metric tonnes and is capable of speeds up to warp 9.55 for 12 hours. The second starship to bear the name, the Yeager was one of many refit starships in Starfleet fighting during the Dominion war. It was named for the vessel lost defending Earth from the Borg in 2373. This vessel often served as a patrol around space station Deep Space Nine. (Technical Manual [DS9]). This ship was most often seen in stock footage of the DS9 station from the fifth season on. Photos obtained of the studio model show that the Yeager's registry was a rearrangement of the decals from Voyager's NCC-74656. The secondary hull of the Yeager was made from a Maquis raider model, while the primary hull is a Voyager model. The two pieces are not to scale to each other, so it must be assumed the stardrive section just looks like a Maquis hull ;-). While this vessel is often called Yeager-class, this has never been established, and seems unlikely in light of the use of the Yeager name for the earlier vessel in "First Contact".

Overall its a decent port but the textures look a little bland..All in all, a solid 8/10



M3D,Chunk, MRJOHN   Kit Bash


textures , Zorg/Morpheus , Dr_McCoy1701A , MRJOHN , update MRJOHN [email protected]

Model Viewer, NanoByte, http://www.nanofx-evolved.com/

pics look up ---   http://msfm.seryan.com/stephen_l/ussyeager.htm


Author		: Rick Knox a.k.a pneumonic81

Model ---------Intrepid------------- Rick Knox

Textures, ---- Dr_McCoy1701A Contact: for tex Email - [email protected] 


Title		: Maquis Raider
Filename	: BC_Raider1.zip
Version		: 1.0 (not tested in Multiplayer)
Date		: 5/10/2002
Author		: Michael Frederick (A.K.A. - Zorg/Morpheus)
website         : www.zorgspace0001.com

Please use this mod in any way you wish, all I asked for is credit for the original model & textures.  This Maquis Raider mod is not to be sold or put on any compilation Cd for sale.

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