Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek Legacy begins a few years after the end of the TV-series Star Trek Enterprise. Starfleet is growing fast and new technologies have been introduced like the tractor beam or starbases. You tak...

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Star Trek: Legacy Star Trek XI - Official Trailer 3

The New Star Trek Offical Trailer... You can discuss this in this week's poll


Star Trek: Legacy Happy Christmas from Legacy Files

Hello All Just a quick word to say Happy Christmas from Star Trek Legacy Files. Enjoy the festivities, keep things safe and don't stay up too late or Santa won't visit you ;) Cheers :beer:


Star Trek: Legacy Star Trek's "First Lady" Passes Away

Today is another sad day for Trek fans, TrekMovie was just informed by the Roddenberry family that Majel Barrett Roddenberry passed away this morning at the age of 76. The first lady of Star Trek’ died of leukemia at her home in Bel Air. At her side were her son Eugene ‘Rod’ Roddenberry along with family and friends. Majel Barrett began her career i...


Star Trek: Legacy Star Trek: Legacy Members and Mods Awards 2008

Star Trek: Legacy Awards 2008 have started at: Since theres no other awards scheme like this amongst The Legacy Community, I decided to start one, open to anybody and everybody. The Awards are open to all to nominate for any member or mod from this year! It's aim is to gain r...


Star Trek: Legacy Star Trek XI - Trailer!

yopyop: Okay folks. The new Trailer has been released yesterday and here you have it: I really love it and all my doubts because of the strange designs are now gone!


Star Trek: Legacy Team Exxperience Website Underway

We, Team Exxperience, now have a new site underway - . It will be hosted by - the same guys hosting the aftermath website. The website will hold all the info, all the latest news, all our releases, a forum, and much much more. The site is well underway and should be complete within...


Star Trek: Legacy Star Trek Online

The Star Trek online URL is now active again! This time, it's Cryptic's turn to take a stab at the game Follow this url to reach the main homepage:- Follow this url to reach the forums:-


Star Trek: Legacy Star Trek: The Movie (XI) The Star Trek online website has been updated - a new site design and new content, specifically, cast promotional artwork. Follow this url to reach the site (on-load, theatrical trailer):- Follow this url to reach the site forums:-


Star Trek: Legacy Gamemaster's Scripting School

Gamemaster's Scripting School I have taken notice of the people who recently want to break into scripting missions for ST Legacy. So I have decided to open a section of the forums at OPTG to answer specifc and general questions about mission scripting for STL Legacy. The idea behind this is to get all the scripters and new scripters together to help fur...