Star Trek: Starfleet Command v1.00 to v1.03 Patch - Fan Repackage



For the sake of troubleshooting, we've re-uploaded this fan-made repackage of the latest official patch for Star Trek: Starfleet Command. Use this if the official patch executable doesn't work for you.



* Movies should now record properly during Mplayer games.
* Shield strengths have been halved for all ships across the board.
  Some other systems/weapons have been altered back to their normal
  damage levels to compensate for this.
* Nuclear Space Mines do 35 points of damage.
* Suicide Shuttles do 18 points of damage.
* The number of t-bombs has been reduced.
* Explosion strengths have been reduced.
* Cloaking times have been tweaked to be between the 1.02.01
  and 1.01 versions.
* Non-overloaded Photon Torpedoes do their full damage at close range.
* A bug with Legendary Weapons Officers affecting Photons at
  point blank range has been fixed.
* Missiles require a short distance to arm their warheads, and can no
  longer be fired at ranges less than 1.
* Plasma Torpedoes require more power to hold (consistent with their
  power requirements to charge). Type-F launchers hold for 0 power.
* Bases rotate slightly slower.
* ESGs will not start charging until the field discharges or drops.
* A better variety of ships should be available in the single-player
  campaign games for all races, but especially Romulans and Gorns.
* A few bugs with Alpha Strikes (SHIFT-Z) have been fixed.
* Cloaked ships may launch shuttles.
* Shuttle and missile prices have been adjusted.
* Various problems with single-player scripts have been fixed.
* A new official tournament multiplayer scenario has been added.

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