Star Wars: Battlefront (2004)

You’ve watched the greatest battles in the galaxy: Now join them! Experience the greatest Star Wars® battles like never before—from the front lines. Use any vehicle or weapon to take the Empire head o...

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Patches SWBFSpy Multiplayer Patch for SWBF1

About SWBFSpy: SWBFSpy is the GameSpy replacement master server which supports multiplayer game servers for both Star Wars Battlefront...


Maps Star Wars Battlefront Naboo Jungle

this Maps name is Naboo Jungle and it is my first map ever so i hope you like it if not tell me what i should improve on.This map features c...


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Maps Rhenvar Temple with Cross Era

This is a copy and paste of the stock rhenvar temple map but with cross era clones vs empire empire vs droids.


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Server Files Star Wars: Battlefront PlayStation 2 v1.1 Dedicated Server Files

Believe it or not, these are the official server files for hosting PlayStation 2 servers for Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) on a computer. Pe...


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Patches SWBFSpy SWBF1 Multiplayer

What is SWBFSpy? SWBFSpy is a master server (multiplayer) that has Dedicated servers and not only supports Star Wars Battlefront I (2...


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Maps Levels Missions Mos Eisley 2.0

Installation: Extract to your Swbf2 Addon Folder. It has to be in your gamedata.


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Modifications Unlimted Jet

Gives republic and Empire unlimted jet.


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Modifications Fire's common.lvl

This is a combination of Crosshairs, layout changing , and changing the colors of afew weapons and different things around Battlefront. Enjo...


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Modifications unlmited-ammo.bat

heres a batch file for making unlimited ammo servers just dont host a lot of them orill get mad 8). put in ur battlefront server folder and...


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Maps Levels Missions Jedi Extermination

You can play as Episode 3 Clones against Jedi on Tatooine Mos Eisley.


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Modifications Tuskens vs. Empire

You can play as Tuskens or Empire at Tatooine: Dune Sea


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Modifications New Interface

Gives Battlefront a new look


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Modifications The Chronicles of Shadow Fett

A mod by {Delta}00_Zero that has much for modified gameplay and weapons as well ascharacters. My favorite would be Shadow Fett. This is my f...


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Maps Levels Missions Mygeeto: War-Torn City

This is a conversion of the swbf2 map, but with a few changes.


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Maps Levels Missions Coruscant: Jedi Temple 1.0

Same as the map in SWBF2


Maps Levels Missions Woods: Search and Destroy (1.0)

This map was made as a experiment to try and create a new "game mode" for SWBF.


Maps Levels Missions Ranen: Platforms (2.0)

Here we are again with Ranen: Platforms.


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Maps Levels Missions Ranen: Lava Fields (BETA)

Duulan reminds me a little of Mustafar. Lava fields, lava fields... and more lava fields. Not one of my favourite kinds of maps but give it...


Tools And Utilities Battlefront I-Ready Ships (1)

Unlike my other two sets, this is SOLELY for BF1 users. It includes all of my fighters, interceptors, troop transports and bombers ported fr...


Tools And Utilities Bothan Spy Variants (1)

This is a pack containing variant Bothan Spy units for BF1 (although the models can be used in BF2 since that's where they originated from)....