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Maps Naboo: Hills

Well, this is something, here is Naboo: Hills 2.0. The map has almost been completely redone vehicle-wise, there are loads! and all have the...


Maps Naboo: Great Grass Plains

Great Grass Plains was a large area of plains located 40 kilometers from Theed on the planet Naboo.This map is playable on Clone Wars only.T...


Maps Alzoc lll: Blizzard

This is a Battlefront 2 map converted to BF1 by me, the original map made by gab. Alzoc lll - This map takes place on Alzoc lll, a frozen s


Maps Naboo: Hills

This map may look familiar, that is because it is naboo: prototype, however it comes with new sides and less floating items.The jedi and sit...


Maps Myrkr: City of Trees

A large map set on the planet Myrkr, features lots of vehicles and a few ships for all of those who like flying, the weapons and classes hav...


Mods Lightsaber deflect fix

Fixes the heroes' lightsabers to now deflect shots like they did before the version 1.2 patch, making it closer to the xbox/ps2/v1.0 version...


Maps Geonosis: Plateau

so this is the prototype map made by pandemic, finished and completed by me. there are a few minor issues but nothing that would effect game...


Maps Aupitur Jungle Ruins

aupitur jungle ruins takes place in an alternative star wars timeline in 9 bby.  more cross era fantasyaupitur jungle ruins fight as a...


Maps Xena Desert City

This is Xena Desert City. Fight 3 factions at once like is typical of my maps and enjoy. this map is kind of basic since there wasnt much i


Maps Mudrec Island

A secret clone battalion working for chancellor palpatine discovered a new planet in the unknown regions. in the early years after the clone


Maps Xylia Prehistoric Forest

This is my new map Xylia, it was supposed to be released for Halloween but it needed more work done. Xylia features clones vs rebels with l


Maps Duulan: Canyon Village (3.1)

Third version of Duulan: Canyon Village. Map was lost in the Filefront shutdown, so I'm reuploading it again. Made some tweaks because t...


Maps Duulan: Mine Pit (2.0)

Version 2.0 of Duulan: Mine Pit. I believe this map was lost when Filefront shut down, so I am reuploading it for everyone. Duulan: Min...


Maps Bestine Jungles

So this is Bestine Jungles, a brand new map not based on any Star Wars location. Issues only one is the minimap dont know how to make a mini


Maps Tritia Desert Ruins

This is an old map updated with a couple new vehicles as well as new clone skins. This is Korriban desert ruins updated with a few vehicles


Maps Dactyl City Port v2.0

This map features CW era with Clones vs Empire with local factions of Rebels and droids with some of serejas vehicles. Gcw features droids v


Maps Star Wars Battlefront Korriban Map

This is my map korriban it isnt based on the actual korriban in the clone wars or anywhere in star wars but rather its a new planet all toge...


Utilities Star Wars: Battlefront 2004 - Cross Era Sounds Assets

contains empire vs republic and droids vs empire cross era sounds with all ground vehicles.


Map Mods Star Wars Battlefront Mos Staike

Mos staike is finally out play on tatooine in mos staike features cross era with a local faction of rebels in the cw era and clones in gcw.


Maps Star Wars Battlefront Sahara Desert Map

This is my second map i know it is basic but what else can a desert map have so please give it a try.This map features 3 way fights but i wo...