A Battle Over Coruscant Map? Grievous's Flagship? Sweet!

By CloneWarrior90 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Oh my gosh, this is so cool, it knocked me right out of my seat! I caught a few glimpses at Game Toast's forums, and spotted a map that takes place on Grievous's flagship, being built. Really, it is totally wicked! Pretty much an exact replica from Episode III, if not, it's really darn close. Heh, my eyes were practically watering at this beauty! LOL! Anyway, yes, the map is very close to Episode III indeed! The only problem is that Grievous is not in it, shame, but none the less, this map will be very awesome and probably will catch the eyes of you folks here visiting SWBF Files. Take a look everyone and be amazed at this author's craftwork! Well, I am gonna try and post screens, but if I fail, you can all kick my butt...LOL. Coruscant: Invisible Attack will hopefully arrive soon. :D See ya' on the battlefront troopers! (PS- This is my second review, I am trying to improve, so go easy on me, mates! ;))

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