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[img][/img] [u]Comments[/u] [b] #1 - Posted by: clonecommand (Member) on 05-11-2007 at 16:23[/b] What is that?! But I'll vote "don't own psp" [b] #2 - Posted by: EraOfDesann (SWBF2 Files Staff) on 05-11-2007 at 16:33[/b] It's basically a Battlefront spin-off that's exclusively for the PSP. [b] #3 - Posted by: Foefighter30 (Member) on 05-11-2007 at 17:12[/b] yep exclusively psp... thats dumb, no computer game no buy, my parents would never let me have a game console [b]#4 - Posted by: OOM911 (Member) on 05-11-2007 at 17:47[/b] I'd rather wait and see. besides i don't really want the psp to much. if it was for pc thats different but none the less wait and see [b]#5 - Posted by: trainmaster611 on (Member) 05-11-2007 at 21:37[/b] Whose bright idea was it to make it PSP exclusive? mad Sony Corporate Greed Deal? Aaargh!!! [b]#6 - Posted by: nobby134 (Member) on 05-11-2007 at 23:53[/b] Yeah i'd get it if i had a psp but i'm not allowed any consoles [b]#7 - Posted by: Unnamed_Soldier (Member) on 05-12-2007 at 04:52[/b] yyou know its just a cheap battlefront spinoff. i'll take my chances and wait for Battlefront 3 Resistance is Futile! [b]#8 - Posted by: Mr__Clark (Member) on 05-12-2007 at 07:06[/b] Besides being exclusively for PSP, it looks like a pretty good game. If you've got a PSP, it'd probably be a fun game. I do not have a PSP. I'll have to wait for swbf3... [b]#9 - Posted by: SWBFIIbacca (Member) on 05-12-2007 at 10:02[/b] I have the same problem Foefighter mad and the same question clonecommand confused [b]#10 - Posted by: Mr__Clark (Member) on 05-12-2007 at 11:55[/b] This: That is Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. Have fun wishing it was for PC. [b]#11 - Posted by: Giga_Hertz (Member) on 05-12-2007 at 14:09[/b] I'm going to vote that it both looks crud and the PlaystationPortable is crud. [b]#12 - Posted by: Metall_pingwin (Filefront Network Staff) on 05-12-2007 at 15:54[/b] I like it... Ive got BFII for the PSP and it is... bad to say the least. Now we get multiplayer and all kinds of nifty things, ill probably buy it. [b]#13 - Posted by: Darth_Kenobi (Member) on 05-12-2007 at 23:18[/b] hmmm.....i would like a psp but my parents never let any game console so computers are my best friend.........i only buy com game anyway but i voted for battlefront 3 WHEN WILL IT COME??!! [b]#14 - Posted by: paulskywalker2000 (Member) on 05-13-2007 at 12:53[/b] OMG! WHY MUST IT ONLY BE ON THE FREAKIN' PSP?!?!?!?!mad STUPID SONY!Aaargh!!! Quite obviously, i want it, but i can't get it. OMG THIS.....(excuses self from computer so swearing can commence without Filefront Admins banning mebig grin) [b]#15 - someday... - Posted by: Dune_Titan (Member) on 05-14-2007 at 19:07[/b] someday some geek is going to come out with an illegal program that can transfer games to different platforms. i always would love to play swb2 on a DS.... [b]#16 - Posted by: Unnamed_Soldier (Member) on 05-15-2007 at 13:14[/b] does anyone have a link to screens for Battlefront 3 or info or trailers or anything? Pimp! [b]#17 - Posted by: JediMasterSW (Member) on 05-17-2007 at 10:37 [/b] Have you noticed how quickly people said it was cheap because it is for psp? and why s the psp crud hmmm? [b]#18 - Posted by: Unnamed_Soldier (Member) on 05-17-2007 at 13:08[/b] because you probally have to use the x, square, circle, triangle buttons to aim again (like in BF2) and that sucked bad. Resistance is Futile! [b]#19 - Posted by: Waluigi (Member) on 05-17-2007 at 23:10[/b] What makes me unhappy is that on it they get heros in space and hero vehicles why couldn't they do that for the computer one [b]#20 - Posted by: Food_Eater (Member) on 05-20-2007 at 16:30[/b] Here's what I said on Gametoast Today: Yay, a new Battlefront game, too bad it's only for PSP. Maybe this is a sign that a console Battlefront (SWBF3) will be coming soon. Video game companies sometimes release portable spin-off games around the same time as they release bigger console games. Maybe they'll announce a console SWBF3 in a few weeks. As for the game itself, besides the fact that its only for PSP, it sounds pretty cool (woot! it's Rebel-oriented). I would normally not be satisfied with the "customizable soldier" thing, but since I'm sick of playing SWBF2, anything new will fulfill my hunger. It's good to know that the Battlefront series is "alive" again, which may push it towards other Battlefront games... good ones XD.
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