Mod Behind-the-Scenes #2

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Published by Maveritchell 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Welcome to Mod Behind-the-Scenes #2! In this edition, we'll take a look at a map that Knights of the Old Republic fans everywhere are bound to appreciate - [b]KotOR: Dantooine, by Caleb1117[/b]. [i]Introduction:[/i] If you've ever played Knights of the Old Republic - which millions of Star Wars fans have - then you'll certainly not be unfamiliar with Dantooine, and the vital role it plays in the stories of both Knights 1 and Knights 2. What Caleb's done here is give his own touch to the Dantooine surface you're familiar with - it's not an exact replica, but you'll definitely know where you are. Certain landmarks, notably the Jedi Enclave, make sure of that. Additionally, you'll find a much-expanded selection of both Jedi (what else?) and some other infantry units, which are as unique as they are varied. [i]Features:[/i] KotOR Hunt: In the KotOR hunt mode, you get to play as Revan's companians and fight the Mandalorians or play as the regenerative Mandos. New Infantry Sides: The map features full KotOR sides in the GCW era, with numerous changes and additions, including several new effects, sticky grenades, and Sith that really shine. (Literally!) New Jedi Sides: There's a full KotOR 1 Inspired hero assault mode which includes the following: Villains Darth Revan Darth Malak Darth Bandon Chuundar Uthar Wynn Yuthura Ban Dark Jedi Heroes Master Vrook Master Vandar Jolee Bindo Mission Vao Juhani Carth Onasi Bastila [i]Author Commentary:[/i] Ever since I played KotOR 1, I fell in love, particularly with Dantooine (even though it's where I always lagged). Once I started really learning in-depth SWBF2 modding, I devoted myself to making some awesome KotOR-inspired maps, and I figured what better place to start then Dantooine? So I took an abandoned map project that was going to be an insane asylum, and made it Dantooine. Along the way, I learned a lot about 3-D modeling, and I have made many models for this map, without which I believe the map wouldn't have been possible. These models include: Kinrath cave, Rakata tomb (Star Map area), Grove meditation ruins, and the Jedi enclave. When I'm done, the Jedi Enclave will be a great online dueling location. Theres not a whole lot to do yet, mainly, just improving things, for instance, someone just made a brand new Darth Malak player model, it will be sweet. So be keeping an eye out for the soon-to-be-arrived KotOR: Dantooine. [i]Gametoast WIP thread link:[/i] [url][/url] Look for a poll that concerns KotOR: Dantooine and online dueling.
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