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[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/84/others/pollres4.jpg[/img] [b][u]Comments[/u][/b] [b]#1 - Posted by: Taivyx (Member) on 06-10-2007 at 09:47 [/b] Ground battles is what battlefront 2 excels at. The space battles take too long to finish, and aren't very exciting. [b] #2 - Hmm... - Posted by: JediMasterTyler14456 (Member) on 06-10-2007 at 10:07[/b] Ground battles, for sure. [b] #3 - Posted by: flamer8000 (Member) on 06-10-2007 at 10:51[/b] I think ground battles too. They are the most action-packed. [b] #4 - Posted by: Lukeisaphony (Member) on 06-10-2007 at 14:48 [/b] ground battles. the space battles greatly disapointed me . Plus, ground battles have heros. [b] #5 - Posted by: DarthNerd (Member) on 06-10-2007 at 15:36 [/b] Space!!!!! sure, ground is awesome, and i debated with myself for a while, but space takes skill. even though the a1 is hopelessly oafy, their missiles and autoturrrets are somewht worthy of notice.. smeg, im sounding like a yuuzhan vong... SPACE ROCKS!!!!! [b] #6 - Posted by: Foefighter30 (Member) on 06-11-2007 at 00:28 [/b] i think campains are the best.. they actually give you a reason to shoot people and its more realistic you know... not, "ok soldiers get out their, kill them all, tke the command posts, ill be at starbucks if you need me" they actually give you objectives to hlp your advance, and storylines... but other than that, its practically the same, campain and ground battles rule! i just wish they put more into campains [b] #7 - Posted by: a_speck_of_dust (Member) on 06-11-2007 at 03:58 [/b] I like combinations of space and land skirmishes, like Metrion Aristan. [b] #8 - Posted by: Raltaran (Member) on 06-11-2007 at 05:52 [/b] dude, spam! ontopic: space! i love bombing the hell outa the enemy ^^ [b] #9 - Posted by: elite_trooper (Member) on 06-11-2007 at 15:40[/b] Ground battles no question. Ground battles are what give the game its variety of classes, its nature, and its uniqness (sp?). - EP-782 EDIT: Edited out off-topic portion of the comment. ~ Gavin1701 [b] #10 - I like ground fighting with ships - Posted by: Angrybob (Member) on 06-11-2007 at 19:34 [/b] i like to be able to fly on ground missions [b]#11 - ground skirmishes rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Posted by: punisher360 (Member) on 06-12-2007 at 01:28 [/b] ground skirmishes are the bomb, especially big battles, where you can kill like 10 guyes and die every 5 seconds! it is awsome!!!!!!!!! dude, rock on [b]#12 - besides - Posted by: punisher360 (Member) on 06-12-2007 at 01:30 [/b] besides, i dont giv a damn about veriety, ground battles rule anyway!!!!!dude, rock on [b] #13 - Posted by: Mr__Clark (Member) on 06-12-2007 at 05:38 [/b] Space.... conquest is all noobery and no skill anymore... "I can throw my mine farther than you!" Hunt is fun. Campaign was stupid... [b] #14 - Posted by: peterskywalker (Member) on 06-12-2007 at 07:28 [/b] WHO? shouldn't it be what. Oh well space is kind of but it is sometimes fun. Alos they ruined air [b] #15 - Posted by: biohazard4 (Member) on 06-14-2007 at 22:47[/b] Ground battles The space battles really disapointed me [b] #16 - Ground, - Posted by: GrdAdmSenza (Member) on 06-15-2007 at 15:11 [/b] Space is cool too, but it takes a while to finish sometimes. Space is a bit too easy sometimes. [b] #17 - Posted by: DarthVenge (Member) on 06-16-2007 at 13:20 [/b] how is space easy??? im no noob, and an ace flier of many games, but at least the turrets nd ai TRY to kill you... [b] #18 - Posted by: dynablade223 (Member) on 06-16-2007 at 14:24 [/b] space flying is weird... Works well on ps2 but on the computer you turn like a sleepy hutt (yea i stole that remark from luke). The ground is so so but my game keeps crashing all the time anyway. It crashes faster in space tho so i give my vote for: Ground [b] #19 - Posted by: DarthVenge (Member) on 06-16-2007 at 14:46 [/b] WHAT??? space on computer puts you in more control. While fine tuners on a ps2 or xbox controller might be considered benificial, if youre good (like me :mepimp it is pssible to DOMINATE SPACE [b] #20 - Posted by: DarthVenge (Member) on 06-16-2007 at 14:46 [/b] that smiley wa ssupposed to be [b] #21 - Posted by: Mr__Clark (Member) on 06-17-2007 at 08:37 [/b] I really had to work hard to resist lol-ing at that, venge... Not only is it possible, but for three or four people who play space, it's a piece of cake. Consoles give you cheapo little auto-aim feature. Not cool. In fact, so does PC if you use a controller. Auto aim doesn't help in space, therefore there are fewer 'aimbots' in space. Obviously space gets the vote. [b] #22 - Posted by: Unnamed_Soldier (Member) on 06-17-2007 at 10:23 [/b] no question, Battlefront, not Spacefront, its a ground battle for me any day
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