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Lately the inflow of POTD submissions has been very slow. In fact I think we've only had one submission in the past 2-3 days. That leaves the staff with a limited selection of pictures, some of which are... [i]honestly[/i], not so great. And as we all know, regular visitors here have high standards when it comes to the POTD and complain when pictures aren't up to par. So I ask that those of you who consistently comment on and rate the daily pictures to submit your own pictures and captions, [i]especially[/i] you complainers! If you'd like to see some "good" POTD's then don't wait for someone else to do it -- send in your own! So again, please, send us your best and funniest pictures so that we can have a laugh or two each day when we visit. It will make the staff's work here a lot easier and we won't have to resort to validating [i]every[/i] submission we get, regardless of quality (no offense to those who submit rejected pictures). Thank you! -Era PS: Please remember that the staff is permitted to change POTD captions for whatever reason, and [u]glamor shots are also welcome![/u]

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