SWBF2 Cash Fest

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From Game Toast :D. [quote]There will be a cashfest for SWBF2 where you can earn real money. The only event for Star Wars Battlefront 2 that earns real money! Fun is a great reason to play games and now you can have fun and pay bills with the cash you'll earn playing in SWBF2 CashFest. Everyone who joins is a winner! Prizes and more to be determined! Simply pay $1 to enter, play any selectable class on GCW and on 3 maps with choices limited to degobah, death star and naboo. Winner is the player with the highest score after 20 matches. Each match is 1 player vs 1 player. Winner submits his stats and a screenshot is required per winning match. WIthin a few days the winner wil be awarded the entire amount as submitted by players. COuld be $25 , or it could be $2500, we will always post the winning amount as it rises. There are some other rules to the match to be posted as soon as we set a date for the 1st event. Just rules to make sure no one can cheat and that everyting is on lowdown so no one feels confused during the event. We are excited about the event and will post as often as updates are made. Pwning in swbf2 just got alot more rewarding! On another quick note rumors from inside tell us that tools may be packaged with a patch to arrive no later then january 5th , so its looking like new years will indeed offer something NEW! Mod tools!!!! Dont fear everyone you have the source for everything SWBF2 and tools are coming if not on that date soon there after.[/quote]

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