SWBFFiles Map Contest: Results!

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Hey there, SWBFFilers! As promised, here are the results for the November/December Map Contest. We had lots of great maps, but we could only have one winner. But before we get to the winners, we'd like to publish the authors of each map. Here's a list of every submission and its author: [list][*]Tatooine: Showdown, by Challenger33 [*]Scapio, by MasterSaitek009 [*]War-Torn Village, by Eggman [*]Urban Map, by RepSharpshooter [*]Santa's Village, by da_great_ghost [*]Urban Extreme Assault, by destos [*]Naboo: Urban Street Fight, by FragMe! [*]Neve Harbor, by obiboba3po [*]T'locus: Base Camp Colony, by Grev [*]Yabol Opa, by yodakid [*]Rotunda: Mountain City, by Commander_Fett [*]Torvik: Sunken City, by Xavious [*]Prakith, by Jaspo [*]Crystalvine: Hikthvine City, by RED51[/list] You'll make sure to notice that the staff had a few particular favorites. A few of us picked out two or three maps that we all liked, and gave them a seal that looks like this: [img]http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/8514/mavribbonjf3.png[/img] Be sure to check out your map and see if it's a "staff pick!" Before we get on to the top three places, there are a few honorable mentions that never made it into the final three: Tatooine: Showdown (disqualified, but still a decent map) Neve Harbor, and War-Torn Village And then of course, on to the winning map. This video will go over the contest and announce the winning map: The second and third place maps will also be featured files, so you'll be able to tell who got second and third by who shows up in the featured files in just a bit! Make sure to check it out.

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