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Published by Maveritchell 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Hey there, SWBFFilers! You know what the best thing about competing is, in my opinion? Everyone has to try really hard, and you get to see the greatest effort put forth by everyone involved - competition simply brings out the best in everyone, in terms of results. It's in that idea that I'm pleased to announce the upcoming [b]first[/b] Star Wars Battlefront Files Contest! Our first contest will start in a week and a half, and it will be a mapping contest for Star Wars Battlefront 2. What's this going to look like, you might ask? Well, here's the skinny - although more will certainly be posted as we start the contest: -First, this weekend, we'll have a poll up for one week that lets you, SWBFFilers, decide on the theme of the mapping contest. Want it to be snow-themed, for winter? Or maybe urban-themed? Or even something else - it'll all be up to you guys. -Secondly, next weekend, after the poll is over, the contest will officially start. Entry rules will be posted and you will be free to submit entries for a month. Yes, that's right, just one month! We'll get the opportunity to see how well and how quickly you guys can create a neat map. -Finally, there will be prizes at the end of the month. The winner/s will get their maps featured on the main page and even linked to in a special new section on the main page's sidebar; a contest hall of fame. Those of you familiar with how JKFiles has done their contests in the past will be familiar with this concept. So why let you know now? Well, hopefully this'll give you the chance to get excited, redownload the modtools, and get back into the 'ol modding swing of things. If not, at the very least you can [b]post your ideas for contest themes[/b] in the comments area below. Looking forward to seeing what this brings, -Mav
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