Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)
Map Mods

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Heroes on Geonosis eduapolin 354KB 2,146
Hero War DarkAlbundy 323KB 3,153
Acklays and V-wings on Kashyyk eduapolin 9.26MB 3,064
Battle of Heroes Mod Sasha2410 267KB 6,712
Geonosis GCW LordSider 604KB 293
Order 66 in Theed Guest 1.66MB 774
Order 66 Guest 1.66MB 810
Hoth Clone Wars LordSider 2.02MB 1,383
Order 66 Guest 1.95MB 4,468
Ewoks vs Gungans Arcane_Penguin 270KB 519
Queen vs Queen Tantive IV Dave315 515KB 506
Mustafar with General Grevious and EpII Clones LordSider 302KB 602
Jedi/Sith on Corcusant Conquest Busterkinkade + CaptainProto 182KB 1,837
A New Alliance Fuzion Infinity 1.2MB 1,842
Acklays on different maps LordYoda 281KB 911
Wampa vs Acklay on Hoth LordSider 601KB 1,058
Other wars LordSider 605KB 497
FST PaNzEr gsp 15.64MB 1,043
SWBF2 Hero map II Dann Boeing 23.66MB 2,296
The Dusk Assault PaNzEr gsp 11.86MB 1,158
Geonosis: Spire Darth Derkie/Yokiehee 28.77MB 4,795
Desert Showdown Frosh the Wookie 26.65MB 2,451
Endor Clone Wars Droideka88 1.3MB 527
Utapau Attack Squirrel7Hunter 95.96MB 5,443
Kamino Jedi Support Archer01 1.27MB 2,321
Mustafar Assault GuitarMan 76.44MB 1,401
Geonosis Child Play 1.0 GuitarMan 34.77MB 609
Species War Droideka88 1.56MB 957
Escape From The Death Star Crichton6 38.55MB 5,488
Hoth Sniper Wars Darkicon 1.41MB 369
AI Hero Support MiniMod Archer01 799KB 3,009
Mandalore - Planetary Defense Pi314 14.53MB 2,808
Death Star: Jedi Cloning Battlefrontfreak 182KB 1,558
Death Star Cloning Battlefrontfreak 1.17MB 752
Tankless Maps SG17 12.45MB 147
Death Star: Episode IV nmycon 28.73MB 1,167
Robber's Arena fire_tamer48 28.31MB 235
Coruscant Jedi Temple Daytime (1.1) Master_Koon 12.59MB 2,749
Battle of the droids master_of_battlefront 266KB 171
120th clone Coruscant mod master_of_battlefront 266KB 243
Wayland Supplier Camp gogo12 240.44MB 95
Yavin 4: Arena wsa30h 21.1MB 31