Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Clone Wars Modpack 666rulerofclones 133.08MB 1698
Jedi Vs. Clones SWBF 2 Mod. Delta 57 Dash 600KB 27643
Space Heroes Yodaminch 533KB 24710
Coruscant, Death Star, and Kamino mod Darth Derkie/Yokiehee 269KB 15887
The Clonewars Armies Guest 111.39MB 10436
Lordsider's Modpack LordSider 12.98MB 6731
Corusant (Jedi vs Clones) Taljin 31.87MB 25858
More Bothans, Wookiees, Imperial Officers, and Dark Troopers Mod Droideka88 1.39MB 2193
Geonosis childs play sides GuitarMan 37.7MB 1511
Coruscant: Order 66 elfie911 6.49MB 4431
Jarell's Mods Jarell 1.24MB 842
Death Star Reinforcement Fix MERCJ 266KB 670
YodaFan's Mod Pack YodaFan82 769.51MB 3066
Death Star: Assault theultimat 18.18MB 2949
Coruscant Campaign Mod Darth_Carrot 282KB 1526
Jedi vs. Clones + Kamino mod Darth_Carrot 281KB 1863
Defenders of the Temple Venom1138 270KB 776
347th Side mod Commander_Fett 74.73MB 899
Elite Clone Trooper Mod 666rulerofclones 23.12MB 732
KotOR Galactic Conquest Maveritchell 14.18MB 3098
78th Legion Mod 666rulerofclones 16.68MB 489
hex edit yukisuna 9.67MB 134
Heavy Wars Mod Trisjsmith 5.39MB 953
Episode 2 Clones eduapolin 281KB 2296
Extra Heroes on Kashyyyk eduapolin 281KB 1535
Acklays on Kashyyk mod. Mikey BIzzle441 449KB 4368
Playable Gamorreans mod eduapolin 522KB 1727
Theed Attack Guest 647KB 1254
Wookie Rebellion Guest 928KB 935
Ultimate War Dequeen_91 684KB 459
Bounty Hunters vs. Jedi Guest 660KB 4086
Jawa and Tusken vs Wampa mod eduapolin 547KB 1136
Monster Wars Guest 1.66MB 2434
Grevious vs Jedi Lt_Blaze 276KB 2110
Tusken Trouble Lt_Blaze 276KB 351
Battle of Hero's Mod Sasha2410 268KB 2361
SBD Changed to Marine tiger_boy27 282KB 448
Heroes on Tantive Dequeen_91 28KB 435
Jedi on Kashyyk Guest 269KB 546
Yoda/Obi-Wan vs. Clones Dequeen_91 474KB 1868
Tuskens Vs. Geonosians Dequeen_91 436KB 272
Yoda Vs. CIS Dequeen_91 424KB 353
Yoda Vs. Grievous Dequeen_91 494KB 411
Obi-Wa vs. Wampas Dequeen_91 414KB 424
Ranger Captain's Commandos. Ranger_captain 39KB 485
Mos Eisley Jedi mod Superdrezs 5.38MB 1118
White Clones Pack *keller* 47.44MB 969
Ewok Invasion Of Corusant Dave315 269KB 682
Just Like Old Times victorias36 269KB 193
SBD changed to Marine tiger_boy27 282KB 334