Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Clone Wars Pistol model kinetosimpetus 100KB 133
Storm Commando assets Flippy 11 2.08MB 740
Clone Commando Source Files PR-0927/Majin Revan 13.02MB 2,256
Star Viper Source Files minilogoguy18 2.26MB 801
N-1 Starfighter Source Files minilogoguy18 2.97MB 1,692
WideBoy's Model Pack WideBoy 1.1MB 627
DH-17 Blaster Pistol Source Files Rekubot 634KB 508
UT-AT Source Files PR-0927/Majin Revan 12.06MB 959
Wookiee Catamaran Source File Yankfan 699KB 282
Bounty Hunter Assets Syth 5.97MB 1,072
Droid Dispenser Model Darth_Z13 2.95MB 334
Caleb1117's Model Pack v2 Caleb1117 6.91MB 312
Caleb1117's Crystal Pack Caleb1117 1.8MB 256
Other Heroes EGG_GUTS 13.99MB 1,124
Clone Assassin Pinguin 738KB 1,840
Caleb1117's Model Pack #3 SE Caleb1117 13.2MB 457
Clone Assassin Source files Pinguin 1.2MB 635
Weighted Companion Cube Caleb1117 171KB 213
Caleb1117's Model Pack #4 Caleb1117 8.82MB 607
Caleb's GT Model Release Caleb1117 4.29MB 249
YouJediJunkie's Mini Model Pack YouJediJunkie 909KB 189
YouJediJunkie's Model Pack YouJediJunkie 2.72MB 279
Rancor Assets Pack MetalcoreRancor 2.61MB 733
T21 Warlord28 125KB 161
My_Battlefront2_Assets 666rulerofclones 15KB 141
Arc Captain Source Files 666rulerofclones 242KB 116
EVO trooper dav2345 523KB 188
New Weapons Pack Skammer_216 2.5MB 352
Weapons Pack Skammer_216 4.4MB 506
SFOR Republic Carbine fai222 211KB 137
YouJediJunkie's Second Model Pack YouJediJunkie 1.18MB 98
EMP Grenade Assets 666rulerofclones 4KB 80
287th Legion Source Files Skammer_216 2.22MB 102
51st Elite [Preview] Skinpack Fluffy_the_rc 898KB 126
Caped Trooper Source Files 666rulerofclones 1.39MB 128
Clones with Kamas fiodis 136KB 136
YouJediJunkie's Second Mini Model Pack YouJediJunkie 1005KB 112
Jedi Wampa Assets Game_Jedi 924KB 86
Clone Wars Pistol model kinetosimpetus 101KB 144