Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

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Tutorials Heros on Hoth

Gives you Luke Skywalker vs Boba Fett and Darth Vader on Hoth Kind of basic but not bad for a first mod. Baron_Von_Stargatt


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Tutorials Hex character guide

This isn't really a tutorial but a reference tool. If you can't figure out the mod tools and want to cling desperately onto your ultimately...


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Tutorials Hex Character Guide

Hex character guide v.2 is updated with several more characters and another hex-editing guide.


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Tutorials Short simple Localizing Video Tutorial

Okay ya'll. I promised this guy I'd put it up here, so I am :P it's actually a neat little one which fast tells how what you gotta do to Loc...


Tutorials Dragon93's Skinning Guide

This skinning guide contains a PNG image showing the parts of the clone trooper skinmap and what each part is. This guide should help newbie...


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Tutorials jano31coa's Mod Tools Tutorials in French (En Français)

Well, this is a set of tutorials for modding SWBF II. They are written in French. I cannot read them, so there isn't much for me to say abo...


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Tutorials HEX Tutorial

This is a Tutorial (HTML) on hex editing by Fiminopter. It also has all the spawn names for all default units. It tells you how to put...


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Tutorials SWBF Files Tutorial

Fingerfood has requested that I add this. All that this is is a tutorial for using SWBF Files and the proper application of modifications to...


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Tutorials Adding Objects Tutorial

This is as it sounds. I don't think this is neccesary, since the documentation included with the mod tools explains how to add objects to y...


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Tutorials Adding Turrets Tutorial

Zipping this up almost feels like a waste. Uh, the title says it all. This is a tutorial to help you add turrets to your custom maps. I had...


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Tutorials Adding Cp's

Ok who ever reviews this file i know POINTLESS but it might help people understand how to better than the GettingStarted Doc....If th...


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Tutorials How to download Mod Maps

I approve this file only because I am obligated to. It's a document with about 3 steps telling you how to install modmaps. This is a waste o...


Tutorials Cade Allos' Extended Hex Editing Guide

Want to Hex edit? Don't know how? Cade Allos brings us a tutorial on how to do so. This file is useless to me because of my deficiency in...


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Tutorials How to Add Tabs to the Menu Screen Tutorial

This appears to be a tutorial for adding new tabs...among other things. There's really nothing else to say, otherwise. If you need to lea...


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Tutorials How to Make a Decent Map in BF2 (LAND)

This is a tutorial on how to make a good SWBF2 map. This won't be that useful to pro modders but if your a first time modder than this might...