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Well this is V 2.0 of ]v['s +123 Mod. ( http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/123;66282 Link to V. 1.0)

The first version of this mod was my favorite BF2 addition. You can play as acklays, gamoreens and every map has Hunt! :D

Well this thing is too huge to re-view totally. So I'll just say Download and you won't regret it. The best part is that you don't have to copy or save any data files. You just place the 2 folders in your addon.

The only problem is that it might clash with other mods such as BFX or the Conversion pack.

But other then that it's great fun. So I highly recommend downloading this.




+123 for Star Wars Battlefront II
Version 2.0

+123 is a set of additional missions for Star Wars Battlefront II.
"DLC" folder includes 4 converted maps from Star Wars Battlefront I.

BF2: +151 missions for shipped maps
"cor1g_1flag", "cor1c_1flag", "cor1g_hunt", "cor1c_hunt", "cor1g_eli", "cor1c_eli", "cor1g_xl", "cor1c_xl"
"dag1g_1flag", "dag1c_1flag", "dag1g_eli", "dag1c_eli", "dag1g_hunt", "dag1c_hunt", "dag1g_xl", "dag1c_xl"
"dea1g_ctf", "dea1c_ctf", "dea1g_eli", "dea1c_eli", "dea1g_hunt", "dea1c_hunt", "dea1g_xl", "dea1c_xl"
"end1c_con", "end1g_ctf", "end1c_ctf", "end1c_1flag", "end1g_eli", "end1c_eli", "end1c_hunt", "end1g_xl", "end1c_xl"
"fel1g_ctf", "fel1c_ctf", "fel1g_eli", "fel1c_eli", "fel1g_hunt", "fel1c_hunt", "fel1g_xl", "fel1c_xl"
"geo1g_con", "geo1g_ctf", "geo1g_1flag", "geo1c_1flag", "geo1g_eli", "geo1c_eli", "geo1g_hunt", "geo1g_xl"
"hot1c_con", "hot1g_ctf", "hot1c_ctf", "hot1c_1flag", "hot1g_eli", "hot1c_eli", "hot1c_hunt", "hot1c_xl"
"kam1g_ctf", "kam1c_ctf", "kam1g_eli", "kam1c_eli", "kam1g_hunt", "kam1c_hunt", "kam1g_xl", "kam1c_xl"
"kas2c_1flag", "kas2g_1flag", "kas2c_eli", "kas2g_eli", "kas2g_hunt"
mus1g_1flag", "mus1c_1flag", "mus1g_eli", "mus1c_eli", "mus1g_hunt", "mus1c_hunt", "mus1g_xl", "mus1c_xl"
"myg1g_1flag", "myg1c_1flag", "myg1g_eli", "myg1c_eli", "myg1g_hunt", "myg1c_hunt", "myg1g_xl", "myg1c_xl"
"nab2g_1flag", "nab2c_1flag", "nab2g_eli", "nab2c_eli", "nab2g_hunt", "nab2g_xl", "nab2c_xl"
"pol1g_1flag", "pol1c_1flag", "pol1g_eli", "pol1c_eli", "pol1g_hunt", "pol1c_hunt", "pol1g_xl", "pol1c_xl"
"spa1c_1flag", "spa1c_ass"
"spa3g_1flag", "spa3g_ass"
"spa6g_1flag", "spa6g_ass"
"spa7g_1flag", "spa7g_ass"
"spa8c_1flag", "spa8c_ass"
"spa9c_1flag", "spa9c_ass"
"tan1g_ctf", "tan1c_ctf", "tan1g_eli", "tan1c_eli", "tan1g_hunt", "tan1c_hunt", "tan1g_xl", "tan1c_xl"
"tat2g_1flag", "tat2c_1flag", "tat2c_eli", "tat2c_hunt", "tat2g_xl", "tat2c_xl"
"tat3g_ctf", "tat3c_ctf", "tat3g_eli", "tat3c_eli", "tat3g_hunt", "tat3c_hunt", "tat3g_xl", "tat3c_xl"
"uta1g_ctf", "uta1c_ctf", "uta1g_eli", "uta1c_eli", "uta1g_hunt", "uta1c_hunt", "uta1g_xl", "uta1c_xl"
"yav1g_ctf", "yav1c_ctf", "yav1g_eli", "yav1c_eli", "yav1g_hunt", "yav1c_hunt", "yav1g_xl", "yav1c_xl"
+3 space maps (+12 missions)
"spa2g_1flag", "spa2c_1flag", "spa2g_ass", "spa2c_ass"
"spa4g_1flag", "spa4c_1flag", "spa4g_ass", "spa4c_ass"
"spa5g_1flag", "spa5c_1flag", "spa5g_ass", "spa5c_ass"

DLC: +4 maps from Star Wars Battlefront I (+48 missions)
"bes2g_con", "bes2c_con", "bes2g_ctf", "bes2c_ctf", "bes2g_1flag", "bes2c_1flag", "bes2g_hunt", "bes2c_hunt", "bes2g_eli", "bes2c_eli", "bes2g_xl", "bes2c_xl"
"rhn1g_con", "rhn1c_con", "rhn1g_ctf", "rhn1c_ctf", "rhn1g_1flag", "rhn1c_1flag", "rhn1g_eli", "rhn1c_eli", "rhn1g_hunt", "rhn1c_hunt", "rhn1g_xl", "rhn1c_xl"
"rhn2g_con", "rhn2c_con", "rhn2g_ctf", "rhn2c_ctf", "rhn2g_1flag", "rhn2c_1flag", "rhn2g_eli", "rhn2c_eli", "rhn2g_hunt", "rhn2c_hunt", "rhn2g_xl", "rhn2c_xl"
"yav2g_con", "yav2c_con", "yav2g_ctf", "yav2c_ctf", "yav2g_1flag", "yav2c_1flag", "yav2g_hunt", "yav2c_hunt", "yav2g_eli", "yav2c_eli", "yav2g_xl", "yav2c_xl"

Copy "BF2" and "DLC" folders to the "\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon" directory.
If you installed previous versions of +123, remove old "BF2" folder from your \addon before installation.


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