146th Legion Mod



This is a pretty decent mod by 666rulerofclones. Like his previous mods he focuses on one faction. This one, however, changes the Republic to a modified version of the 146th Legion from the SWBF Conversion Pack which were on Bespin: Platforms. The sides aren't to overpowering to help keep them even and includes some new weapon models along with a few modified weapons and because some of the weapons are modified you can't play this mod online. He also changed the Republic Vehicles a bit.

If you liked his earlier work than you should be satisfied with this one. Remember to back up your original sides before installing it.

-Delta 47



CHANGES: This is my 146th Legion mod, it replaces the Republic side with the 146th Legion seen on Bespin: Platforms in the Conversion Pack. The trooper models were changed pretty majorly, and the weapon, space, and vehicle setups have been changed too, thus disabling online play. The models are basically the same except that the Heavy Trooper has been changed to an Imperial Shock Trooper model, the sniper to the Recon Trooper model, and the commander to (duh) the 146th Commander Model. The weapon models were improved too. The Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Commando Pistol models have all been reskinned (they are ALOT darker and cooler). I also added two new weapons, the DC-15X Precision Rifle and the DC-15X Blaster Rifle (originally the ACP Precision Rifle and the DLT-20A Blaster Rifle from the Bounty Hunter Assets), they just had the model and the name changed to fit the Republic a little better. The vehicles have been changed too. The AT-TE no longer has two cannons in the driver position, as i removed the main cannon. There are no more unlimited rockets (you new-timers are going to hate me for this). The V-wings rockets have been removed, the Starfighter has 50 rockets, and the ARC-170 has three seats (i made the .odf file myself /:D). The gunship is the same except it has limited remote rockets. Also, as an extra bonus, all starfighters have cockpits. 

Move the rep.lvl and repshell.lvl files to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcside and DO NOT FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES FIRST!I seriously cannot overemphasize how important this step is!

The ARC-170 third-person view is bugged for some reason

Syth for the DC-15X Precision Rifle and for the DC-15X Blaster Rifle
Teancum and Maveritchell for the 146th Legion assets

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