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The "302nd Conversion Pack," by Vegati, is a new sides mod focused on the 302nd legion (user-created, I assume).

Most of the mod - or at...


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The "302nd Conversion Pack," by Vegati, is a new sides mod focused on the 302nd legion (user-created, I assume).

Most of the mod - or at least most of the beta - is just a set of skin changes. Most of the Republic troops are changed to the sniper (or paratrooper) model, and are given a red retexture. The clone commander and jettrooper stay the same model, but with similar retextures (although the clone commander is not exactly my favorite retexture). The CIS is done up in a similar fashion; however, their skin changes are to blue. You'll see blue highlights added to each of the CIS' droids.

As a sides mod, it offers little in the way of changes, mechanically - the only changes are to the Republic side (which incidentally unbalances the game for the Republic - it seems like half the Clone Wars sides mods we get do that). The Republic heavy trooper now has twice as much ammo and needs to reload half as often, while the clone commander's chaingun never overheats.

To be fair, this is mentioned to be a beta, so if it looks appealing, feel free to download it, look it over, and leave feedback.


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Download '302_conversion.zip' (124.25MB)


* The Mod
* What the Mod Does
* What I Plan to do
* Installation
* Uninstallation
* Special Thanks
* License Agreement
* Disclaimer

                           302 Conversion Pack
                                 By Vegati
                                  The Mod

This changes the regular Republic and CIS sides to the 302nd Legion and
the CIS Elite Guard. The 302nd Legion consists mainly of people who 
look like sharpshooters but actually have an assortment of different
weapons. The CIS Elite Guard is somewhat different but is a side I did
not actually put much time into.

                              What the Mod Does 

* Changes the Republic engineer, rocketeer, and trooper's appearance to
a sharpshooter model + skin

* Changes various weapon setups

* Republic Clone Commander's chain gun now does not overheat

* Republic Heavy Trooper now has twice the ammo

* Republic Heavy Trooper now fires two bazooka shots

* Reskinned Clones + CIS

                          What I Plan to do

* The 302nd Legion will carry over into GCW

* Get an installer

* Proper Localization (is this possible?)

* Add JediSith

* Maybe create some new weapons

* Create new characters

* Make my own maps following the 302nd Legion

* Make better skins

* Make SWBF2 even more addicting 


Step 1: Go to this: Star Wars Battlefront IIGamedataDataLVL_PCSIDES
and find the files CISshell, CIS, Rep, and Repshell. Back those files

Step 2: The go to the folder 302 Conversion. Copy the folder "Gamedata"
and paste it into your main SWBF2 directory

Step 3: Play away my friend


Step 1: Go to where you SHOULD have backed up your original files

Step 2: Copy and paste them into your "SIDES" folder

Step 3: Weep over your loss

                             Special Thanks

ArcCommander and Maveritchell - For the inspiration

My friends on Gametoast.com - For all the help

Xavious - For giving me the idea

Myself - For the Conversion and patience

My Brothers - For the support and suggestions

My Dad - For not killing me for downloading the BF2 Modtools

                            License Agreement 

This mod is not supported, created, or distributed by Lucasfilm Ltd. or
Lucasarts. Nor is it any creation or product of Pandemic.


You may not redistribute this mod and call it your own. You are free to
redistribute it and give me full credit and a little to yourself for
distributing it. (Just add yourself to the 'Special Thanks' list) You
may NOT edit it for private or public use. THIS CANNOT BE SOLD! If this
mod makes your computer explode it's your fault IF SOMEONE SOLD YOU 
Enjoy :)

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