302nd Conversion (GCW beta)

This is an addition to (a continuation, really, but it can be used in conjunction with) vegati's [url=http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.c...


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This is an addition to (a continuation, really, but it can be used in conjunction with) vegati's 302nd Conversion. This iteration of the mod is simply the visual changes made to the GCW sides. As a result, this version/part of the mod is online-compatible - only textures are replaced.

It's not a huge file, but for what amounts to some simple texture changes for (only?) the Imperial side, it seems pretty big. Alliance sides are included, but I didn't see any visual changes made to them.

The textures themselves are fine - nothing too obtrusive or garish, just a different take on the stormtroopers we know and love. The Imperial officer's texture isn't my favorite - at first I thought its texture was missing, but then I realized it was just a really, really dark texture.

Anyway, if you like what you see in the screenshots, and you want something new but still want to have online compatibility, go ahead and give this a download!


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Download '302ndconversiongcw.zip' (139.62MB)

                      302nd Conversion Pack (GCW)

-What it does
-What I have planned
-License Agreement

                              What it Does

   This is the beta of the GCW version of the 302nd Conversion. So far
all I have done is change textures so it should be totally compatable 
with internet. At this point I have run into some minor problems with 
the clone wars era.Thatis why it was not included.

                           What I Have Planned

-Change weapons
-Add classes
-A lot more



                            License Agreement

This mod is not supported, created, or a product of Lucasart Ltd.,
Lucasfilm, or Pandemic. By downloading this you agree to not edit the
product in any way, lest a thousand gungans scream all at once in your
ears. You are also agreeing that any damage done to the computer or you
is in no way my fault.

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