501st Clone Legion Mod

clm_1.0.zip —


see the need to now.Whoops, I just did it there.Anyway, this mod is supposed to, I think, change the clone troopers to be more in-line with "The Clone Wars" cartoon. Now, I'm not confused because I'm unfamiliar with the cartoon (I'm not unfamiliar with it), but because only about half the models are actually changed. It looks like the author changed models of some of the clone units where new models were available, and where they weren't, he didn't. This is pretty visually inconsistent - it would have been better if he'd either found a way to kitbash all the models to be similar versions of the "animated-style" trooper or simply left all his troopers as retextures (which may be the better choice, given that the CIS is completely unchanged).There's also a shell mod, which changes the layout of the menus. It is less-than-pretty. It doesn't have a whole lot of visual consistency - one is just an image pasted behind a menu (it is of the show, but it doesn't take into account menu layout for its composition), and two others are hue changes to stock screens (blue and yellow?), which come across - to me - as a little garish.The sides changes themselves are minimal, it's not thrown too out-of-balance. There are a handful of new weapon models, some of which have broken floating HUD icons.Anyway, it's an early version of a mod, and there's plenty for the author to take a look at here. But hey, don't take my word for it - give it a download and leave feedback for the author yourself.-Mav


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