501st Legion Fix



This mod, by 666rulerofclones, is a mod only for the Republic side with the intent of making it more "501st-like."

Of course, the problem with a sides mod for only one side is that often this throws the balance to whack, and this is pretty true here. The riflemen, engineers, and jet troopers remain pretty similar (although the first and last get extra grenades and the engineer gets mines), and they're not too badly out of balance (but all that extra ordnance is a little iffy). However, the sniper, heavy, and commander are where the balance really leaves.

The sniper's rifle has been changed, inexplicably, to fire a lot more rounds a lot faster than a normal sniper rifle, and without reducing the power at all. This, frankly, does not make a whole lot of sense to me. Likewise, the heavy trooper's rockets have been replaced with a powered-up chaingun (with no warmup time) which is far more overpowered than the rockets ever were. The clone commander is powered-up, too (to be fair, that officer unit was a little weak compared to the others, but this took it a little too far). He's got auto-turrets and a rifle in place of his chaingun - which would be fine, except the rifle is a lot more powerful than everything else.

The visuals have been changed, too, so that everything looks more like a unified 501st - which would be great, except that the 1.2/1.3 patch does all this already, and the 1.2/1.3 does it better, and the 1.2/1.3 doesn't break online compatibility, which this will. I'm all for new stuff, but a lot of this side mod feels like it's doing something that's already been done, and it's not doing it as well.

Of course, if you want the changes that've been made with the units (and you can stomach the imbalance), then go ahead and give it a try.




IMPORTANT: you need 7-zip to extract this file!

This is my version of the 501st Legion. It changes//re-skins all troopers to look more like the 501st. In this mod, the tanks//fighters were modded along with the infantry. All unlimited missiles were removed and the fighters were made realistic and now have cockpits. I added two new weapons, an Assault Carbine and EMP Grenades. The assault carbine uses Oom-9’s DC-15S Carbine model. The commander was changed to a real commander. The rocket launcher was replaced by a chain gun. The Blaster Rifle was moved to the Clone Commander, it was also beefed up considerably. The Sniper Rifle is now a lot better, as it has crosshairs and is now a slow-auto. The chain gun has an increased rate of fire and now operates on limited ammo (500 rounds per clip). The Arc-170 starfighter now has three seats. The first seat has lasers, second has torpedoes, and the third also has lasers. Have fun! 

To install this mod, (after you have unzipped the file), move the rep.lvl and repshell.lvl files to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcside and move the ingame.lvl to Gamedatadata_lvl_pc and DO NOT forget to back up your original files first!

The credits:
Oom-9 for the DC-15S Carbine
Caleb1117 and Syth for the Underhand Chaingun
Syth for the V-wing and the Arc-170
Repsharpshooter and DEVISS-REX for the Clone Commander
All you folks at Gametoast.com,you guys rock!

Bugs: the chaingun has no sound for some reason that i cant fix arrgh!

SIDE NOTE: anyone who wants to start modding Battlefront 2 should visit Gametoast, the people there are very helpful!

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