607th Map Pack 1



This Map Pack includes the following three maps:

Rhen Var: 607th Assault Sullust: 607th Strike Yavin 4: 607th Invasion


Rhen Var A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

In secret, while the majority of Kaminoans worked on perfecting the Republic clone army, a group of Kaminoans were attempting to create force-sensitve clones. Although all of their attempts failed, they created a legion of clones that were surprisingly superior to most other clones. However, after attepting to lead them in their first battle simulation, the Kaminoans found that the clones sometimes refused to follow orders. Although the 607th won the exercise against the 93rd extremely easily, they were deemed dangerous due to their ability to refuse orders, and were not sent out with the rest of the clones to Geonosis.

Several months later, Jedi Knight Zhaus Hyaun discovers records of the 607th in the Kaminoan database and inquires about them. Against the urging of both the Jedi Council and the Kaminoans, Zhaus takes the 607th and personally finishes their training on Kamino.

Now, Zhaus has been tasked with the capture of a CIS fortress in the mountains of Rhen Var. He chooses the 607th to aid him in the assault. Leading the 607th is ARC Commander Vaks. The time has come for the 607th to prove its worth, in the cold mountains and towering temples of Rhen Var....

Sullust After the 607th's victory over the Seperatists on Rhen Var, the Jedi Council realizes that their initial concerns about the 607th were incorrect.

Republic Intelligence has located a CIS communications center on Sullust, from which the Seperatists have been able to predict Republic attacks by monitoring their fleet movements.

It is vital that this comms center is captured. The Jedi Council has chosen to send Zhaus and the 607th to Sullust to end the newest Seperatist threat...

Yavin 4 The news of the 607th's success is spreading across the Republic. Many believe the 607th will win the war for the Republic within months.

Darth Sidious is angered by this legion's success. By the time word reaches the Jedi Council that a vital trading port controlled by the CIS could bring about the end of the war if captured, Palpatine has already sent the 607th to Yavin 4.

Meanwhile, Zhaus leads the 607th through the heavy jungles of Yavin 4 in search of ancient ruins that hold mystical secrets about the history of both the Jedi and the Sith...



Unzip the 607th Map Pack to your addon folder in the Star Wars Battlefront II
directory. (...Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon)
If you do not have an addon folder, create one there.

Now, take the three folders inside the Map Pack folder (RV1, SL1, YA1) and move them out
of the Map Pack folder and into the addon folder.

Start up Battlefront II, and these maps should be on your map select screen.

To uninstall, remove the following folders from your addon folder: RV1, SL1, and YA1.

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