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This is an expansion of 666rulerofclones Elite Clone Trooper Mod.

A lot of changes have been made since than. The na...


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This is an expansion of 666rulerofclones Elite Clone Trooper Mod.

A lot of changes have been made since than. The name has been changed along with new skins and weapons. The Clone skins are now Grey which look really nice. The weapons are now dark black and the fire power has been changed. Although some weapons are slightly more powerful the gameplay is still pretty balanced and when you shoot the weapons jerk making it harder to get a lot of kills and win easily. I really enjoyed playing as the Jet Trooper because of his wrist rockets and rifle which are really cool. Space has also been changed including all of the ships being tweaked. The Space Pilot is like a normal pilot except he has grenades on top of the other weapons. The Space Marine is exactly like the Jet Trooper. But also there are a few bugs in space. On top of the ones listed in the ReadMe the Space Marine doesn't have any sounds for his Jet Pack and although the V-wing is a lot faster the Stamina doesn't recharge once used. Other than than those things the mod is very balanced and fun to play.

Keep in mind since the weapons are changed you cannot play this mod online but its still loads of fun playing in Single Player. Remember to backup your original Rep.lvl before installing.

~Delta 47

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Download '78th_legion_mod.rar' (16.68MB)

This is an expansion of my earlier Elite Clone Trooper mod. I got a suggestion to create a custom legion out of it, so here it is! The Republic Elite 78th Recon Legion. This mod uses the same models but the troopers were re-skinned. one thing you will notice is a 78 Logo on the trooper's shoulders. The logo is the Wisconsin State highway logo, in case if it looks familiar. This mod also has changed spaceships and vehicles in addition to weapons and infantry. Again, all episode 3 troopers (except the Jet Trooper), have Kamas//skirts. EMP Grenades were added back in. The Arc Caster was also added, and I improved the Shotgun and it is fun to use! The chaingun, same as last time, operates on limited ammo, but no longer over-heats. I added recoil to all ground weapons except the rocket launcher. These are the new weapon setups:

CLONE TROOPER: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, EMP Grenade, Thermal Detonator
HEAVY TROOPER: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb
CLONE SHARPSHOOTER: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, EMP Grenade, Recon Droid
CLONE ENGINEER: DN Bolt Caster, Fusion Cutter, Mines, Power-ups
CLONE COMMANDER: Chaingun, Commando Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Rally, Recon Droid
JET TROOPER: Blast Cannon, Commando Pistol, Wrist Rocket, Detpack
CLONE PILOT: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter, EMP Grenade, Time Bomb
CLONE MARINE: Blast Cannon, Commando Pistol, Wrist Rocket, Detpack

I also modded the fighters and added the Y-wing, plus the gunships are back!
Y-wing: two positions: PILOT; laser cannons and torpedoes, and GUNNER, laser cannons
Arc-170: three positions: PILOT; laser cannons and particle cannons; CO-PILOT; proton bombs; and GUNNER: laser cannons
V-wing: one position: PILOT; laser cannons and particle cannons
LA-AT Gunship: four positions; PILOT: laser cannons and missiles; CO-PILOT; remote rockets, LEFT GUNNER; beam cannon, RIGHT GUNNER; beam cannon.

The Y-wing replaces the Jedi Fighter, and the V-wing is alot faster (WARNING: can get hard to control sometimes!)

This mod is really well balanced out i think. it is very similar to my Elite Clone Trooper mod.

There are a few other things, but ill leave them as surprises.

INSTALLATION: move the rep.lvl to Gamedatadata_lvl_pcside and DO *NOT* FORGET TO BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL FILES FIRST! that step is sooo very important.

Wikepedia for the Wisconsin HWY 78 logo
Icemember for the Jet Trooper skin
Syth for the original V-wing which i modded slightly. 

Arc-170 first-person is buggy, you cant see the ship
There is a black square that is present in the troopers stomach at times that has got me stumped.

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