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Now here is a nice little map from the 97th Squadron Clan. Apparently this is not the ultimate super awesome l33t destroyer of gre...


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Now here is a nice little map from the 97th Squadron Clan. Apparently this is not the ultimate super awesome l33t destroyer of great justice map of the year, but instead just a little "side project" for fun.

Rating (Out of 10)

Tech: 5 (New characters with skins and replaced weapons + Some interesting Death Regions) Balance: 8 (Oddly enough balanced) Quality: 7 (You could do some pretty fun stuff on this map with a couple of people) Fun Factor: 5 (In SP it gets boring very quickly, play it online instead and you'll have a... Somewhat good time) Stability: 7 (Map crashed once for me. Also, when you enter one of the Yavin IV turrets and try to exit them you die. Always.) Creativity: 5 (We have all played "Going up/down a hill" maps before, but this is probably the best out of the bunch) Item Placement: 10 (CPs, turrets, health/ammo droids... Everything is placed out neatly precisely where you can make good use of them) Size vs. Usefulness: 10 (Not too big, not too small. No complaints here) Originality: 4 (There's a big pyramid-looking thingie that... Eh, I'll get to that one later) Installation Instructions: 10 (I pity da foo who gets less than a 10 at this!)

Overall Rating: 6

Now to describe this map. Conquest is the only playable mode, but it is playable in both eras. The new units are only in the CW era, though, so I suggest that you play that on

At first glance...: Your mission is to reach the other side of the map and capture your opponents only CP, or just kill as many enemies as possible. Separating you from your opponents is a large and bulky hill that must be crossed if you wish to reach your enemy. The CIS starts at the top of the hill, the Republic at the bottom of it where there's a temple from Yavin no really serving any purpose. The hill itself is a piece of art. The terrain is anything but flat, so a lot of cover can be taken (primarily by those trying to climb it). Not only that, but since the terrain is so bad you got to move carefully, and if you try to jump you'll immediately lose your footing, fall down the hill and take damage! If you fall too much, you'll die, so jump around with care!

The Republic has a couple of new units, and none of them are all too powerful. Some of them just had their skin changed and maybe some very minor other change, so I'll be reviewing the others instead. The Clone Rocketeer has now given up his rocket launcher and gotten himself two weapons: A Mortar Launcher and the rocket weapon that Jet Troopers use. A lethal combination indeed. Also, he has lots of grenades. The Clone Engineer has been changed a little bit. First of all, he has gotten a new colorful skin that has the Swedish flag imprinted of its chest, if I am not mistaken. Secondly, he no longer has any of those annoying Detpacks. The Clone Sniper now is Anakin Skywalker that has a new skin, cannot Force Jump and floats instead of walking. The Jet Trooper has gotten the biggest overhaul of all. He's been given a new skin (Which says "Leader", mind you) and instead of having that... Rocket Launcher that Jet Troopers usually have he has a Shotgun and a Sniper Rifle. Talk about a perfect combination for both long and short range combat! Oh, and he can fly, although that's not all too useful since jumping (And therefore flying) causes units to fall down the hill when on it.

To counter this, the CIS has more units on the battlefield (Although less reinforcements) and a whole lot of turrets on top of the hill. Oddly enough, these many different factors makes the map very balanced for both sides.

For further playing...: The great thing about this map is the design. You can have some really exciting battles on the hill, practice sniping and just about all sorts of things. As a former clan trainer, I can say that the map would be very suitable for training people in using all different units apart from maybe rocketeers and jet troopers. There is also a very tall pyramid-shaped mountain on the map that you can try climbing. It's not very easy, since you cannot jump or fly or you'll die immediately. Once you reach the top, however, you are truly the King of the... Ah forget it, I'm not saying it. One thing that is really fun is to try to climb it while a bunch of people shoot at you from the ground and see if you can make it to the top without dying. The possibilities are endless.

So in conclusion, get this map if you want some fun online play and definitively if you are going to play it with a clan.

- Super_Shadowman "When time is time again"

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Download '97th_clan_land_map_fixed_n.zip' (77.61MB)

This map has ben Made by Firenic of the 97th Squadron Clan
This map is just for fun. It's not the OFICIAL clan map. OK?

The characters are these:

Clone Trooper: RC-1138
Clone Heavy Trooper: Fordo
Clone Engineer: Shooter
Clone Sniper: Firenic
Clone Commander: No one
Jet Trooper: Cody

This Map is just a battle of the republic to climb the hill, there are less republic troops
at the same time, but they have more reinforcements. Look at the Yavin temple !! ;D

Installation: Unzip the 97L folder and place it at Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata/Addon
If you haven't got any, just create one
NOTE: You must have the 1.1 version to play this map correctly ( If you don't just look for the 97L at your instant action screen)

Well, for any problem email me at : [email protected]

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