Aaris III: Beachhead

With this submission, bobfinkl gives us a newer version of his ...


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With this submission, bobfinkl gives us a newer version of his Aaris III: Beachhead, and it's easy to see that an obvious effort was made to improve some of the smaller details that were mentioned as fixable in the previous file.

Everything that holds true in the previous review holds true here - it's still an excellent "beachhead"-style map, and there's still a very nice job done with the environment. I was pleased to see that many of the small changes suggested in the previous review were acted upon - the lighting was changed from a red to a more yellowish-orange, which matches the sun a lot better. There was also a loadscreen added (and it looks good), which really helps to give the map a more professional feel. Vehicle sound was taken care of and added in, and at the very least, the skydome flyers weren't the wrong ones (I didn't see any, actually, but it wasn't noticeable that they were out-of-era). All of that speaks of good attention to detail.

Gameplay is very much the same, as no new modes or sides were added to the map. This isn't a bad thing, but essentially, however you felt about playing the first one is going to be how you feel about this - the visual changes were the only real changes I noted. My personal suggestion would be to consider adding a bit of variety to future maps (something like this would make a good capture-the-flag map), but I'd like to reiterate that you did a very solid job on this one.

Give it a download, it's definitely worth a playthrough to check out a nicely-done, solid map.

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Download 'aaris_iii.zip' (12.98MB)

Aaris III: Beachhead

CW: Ki Adi Mundi is beggining the assault on the heavily entrenched CIS forces on Aaris III with a small contingent of clones
GCW: After the Republic abandoned the old CIS base the rebels took it as one of their many hidden fortresses, now the Empire knows and the Emperor himself has come to lead the assault

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Shifty - Beta testing
Fai222 - Beta testing
Philomen - Beta testing
Mr. Dude121 - Beta testing
Shockwave - Beta testing
Null_1138 - Minimap
TheUltimat - Loadscreen
I'm not entirely sure who made the loadscreen so if I made a mistake please say so


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