Abraxas Platform



Make sure you download this version:http://files.filefront.com/abraxaszip/;7956730;;/fileinfo.html

The version uploaded here is buggy.


What we have here is an interesting map from Maveritchell.

By the looks of it, he's modeled some stuff in XSI and exported it to SWBF 2. I've found plenty of things that weren't in the default game. The idea of this map is that the Empire is attacking an old station of smugglers and pirates. The Rebel side is mostly redone Rebel pilots, and the marine is a mercenary...I can't tell if it's Han or Luke, but it's one of those two in reskinned StormTrooper armor. The Empire is largely unchanged, from what I saw, with the exception of a...*GASP*...TIE DEFENDER! Yep, they have one of those.

The space platform's use of the various models is indeed clever. I'd once had an idea to re-construct Mos Eisley in space...but that's another story. So, the pirates have a variety of interesting fighters, and the Imperials get a Tie Defender, as well as a frigate or two. One of them I didn't recognize.

Now for my beefs with this. Though it is very well constructed, it seemed impossible to land in the Star Destroyer hanger with the pirates' landing craft thing. I bumped into too many fighters and blew up in mid air. Maybe my health was too low when I went in. Besides this, the Pirates have a T-Wing fighter. It has *infinite* boost, but not for rolls. And you can whiz along faster than an A-Wing in that thing. The thing that bothered me was that the turrets still beat me to a pulp, even though I was moving at top speed and faster than they should be able to hit.

There aren't too many errors or glitches here. CTF seems functional. Give it a download if this sounds nice.

~Penguin Unit~



Abraxas Platform (Space)

by Maveritchell (GT Forums)
   maveritchell at gmail dotcom


Like most of you, by this point SWBF2 space battles are probably pretty unsatisfying. There's only so much you can do with the same map, over and over and over, just with different skydomes. Well, I decided to change what I  could. Abraxas Platform is a space map with both Assault  and CTF gamemodes, but within those modes the style of play has been altered. 

This map was inspired in part by the game "Tie Fighter," and as such you will see craft from that game. Also, like in Tie Fighter, your ammunition will be limited. However,  you may refill your ammo by returning to your home base. Likewise, the differences between classes has been tweaked to accurately represent the strengths and weaknesses of the various craft. All light craft are highly maneuverable but lack missiles, all interceptor craft are quick and have missiles, but lack substantial armor, and all heavy assault craft have thicker armor and more firepower, but they're generally slower and are at a  disadvantage in a dogfight. Additionally, each side has a special craft, the strengths and weaknesses of which you can discover.

The map includes the all new "Pirate" space side, complete with the Freelance Pilot, Mercenary Soldier, Z-95 Headhunter, T-Wing Interceptor, R-41 Starchaser, the ATR-6 Assault Transport, and a space station as home base instead of a capital ship. The Imperial side also features a new fighter; the TIE Defender.

Installation Instructions:

Extract folder PSA to your Battlefront2Gamedataaddon folder.

Yep, it's that easy.

Legal Disclaimer:
This level may not be redistributed in any way without express consent of its developer (me).



-First and foremost, Jesus Christ, for being my Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

-AceMastermind, for his tutelage in XSI, his Millennium Falcon model, and exporting my spacestation components, Z-95, T-Wing, and R-41.

-psych0fred or Lord_Bandu, one of these guys made the excellent TIE Defender, skin and all, featured in this map. It was on psych0fred's site, but it looks like Bandu's, so I'm not sure.

-xwingguy, for his LinkedFrigates script.

-FragMe!, for his space mine model and for exporting my Assault Transport model.

-Rends, MajinRevan, and [RDH]Zerted, for their sound tutorial, custom sound tutorial, and loading screen tutorial, respectively

-The GameToast community, without which this would not exist.

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