Abraxas Platform

This is version 2.0 of Maveritchell's Abraxas Platform map. Most of you probably don't remember this map or maybe your new here.

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This is version 2.0 of Maveritchell's Abraxas Platform map. Most of you probably don't remember this map or maybe your new here.

So what is this map? For those of you who haven't played the previous version, Abraxas Platform is a space battle between an Imperial Star Destroyer and a Pirate Space Station. One thing I've always liked about this map was the use of many custom models in fact this map is almost entirely new with models except for the Imperial Star Destroyer and some miscellaneous objects. It also has a different feel to it than most space maps. In which case the new models play an important roll but also the textures and detail give it a whole new feeling and there is Assault model along with CTF for those of you who like Space Flag.

As I mentioned earlier this is a lot different than the shipped space maps and is a lot similar to Mav's Space Endor map. He still kept the original gameplay of the map and the enhancements aren't over-changing but still looks new.

Basically this version adds a visual upgrade to it along with changed vehicles and a few new space crafts. The sky is now changed to a greenish-yellow, with three new space crafts and three upgraded space crafts. There are also First Person views now for all of the vehicles and much more. The units nor the maps itself are changed as he wanted to keep his original idea. The download size has also been tweaked down to almost half its original.

Definitely worth a download especially those of you who enjoyed the previous version.

~Delta 47

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Download 'psa.exe' (69.89MB)

Abraxas Platform (v2.0)

by Maveritchell


This is just a touched-up rerelease of my first published map, Abraxas
Platform. It is essentially a visual upgrade, although new ships have
been added as well. Originally it was planned to ship in a mappack
with re-releases of my three first published maps, but I decided that
the changes to the latter two weren't enough to justify releasing them
alongside this. There weren't many changes to this, but I didn't want 
to completely overhaul the map, because I still wanted it to be 
representative of my original idea (whatever flaws that may entail).



Extract folder "PSA" to your addon folder



Touched-up models for space station (higher detail textures)
Upgraded models for Z-95, R-41, Assault Transport
Additional craft added: Assault Gunboat, TIE-Wing, X-TIE
Skydome enhancements
First-person added to vehicles
Third-person views adjusted
Auto-Turret power decreased
Satellite shot tweaked
Map filesize optimized



Jesus Christ - died so that I might know life
XWAUpgrade/Conversion Pack
...and of course the Gametoast community


Any questions? Contact me at:
maveritchell at gmail dot com

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