good-looking, well-made map (if just a little bit unremarkable). The map is a large one, but it uses its space well and gives the player opportunity to move around in vehicles and on foot without ever feeling too open. Like several other authors have done before, this repurposes a lot of Tatooine and Geonosis props to create a more traditional rocky, mountainous setting.There's not a lot about this map that makes it stand out - thus the "unremarkable" comment above - but it certainly doesn't have anything structurally wrong with it either. It's a relatively fun map to play and free of bugs or errors.All in all, this is a map worth a download, although the download is surprisingly (and I might say unnecessarily) large, given that it more or less uses stock sides. It looks like the author included stock sides packed in with it.If you like what you see in the images below, give this map a try.-MavPlease use the following link to download this file, not the link given to you by the "Download Now" buttonhttp://www.gamefront.com/files/21681887/ADA.zip


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