Anacario Desert Cliffs

vehicle and prop assets (most from Rends' Tatooine map) to flesh things out.I'll get this out of the way first. The map is too large. There'...

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vehicle and prop assets (most from Rends' Tatooine map) to flesh things out.I'll get this out of the way first. The map is too large. There's a lot of running around that isn't supported by enough things to do in between stints of running. The map is clearly designed for vehicles, but if the player doesn't have a vehicle, he should be prepared for a trek.Standard "don't make big flat maps that you have to run around on" complaint out of the way, the map itself has some fine design, due in no small part to the good use of well-made Rends' Tatooine props. The areas that are best are those where the props are clustered together, and I think that if the map were more compressed, with these areas all inside a greater circle that could be used by the big vehicles (like that AT-AT), the map would be all the better for it.There are also some new sides included with the map, which I'm more or less indifferent to. The sides are fine, although I feel that some of the heavy weapons are a bit overpowered, but I was a little irked that:a) I had to use a separate install to add them, andb) I couldn't choose where to install them - an installer did it for meHaving something like this makes a relatively simple one-step installation process into two, and it also means that I have to try and hunt down files in extra directories when I want to remove the map. There's no reason to make a separate installer for your sides (even if you want to install them in the root sides directory) and no reason to, in this case, simply have the sides included in the addon folder.There were also a number of missing sounds (and a few missing localizations), with the vehicles being the biggest offenders.All in all, it's a fine map, but it does need work in a few areas. If you like vehicle-based maps, you'll probably enjoy this one, so if you like what you see below, go ahead and give the map a download. Please note that the download link included in the "download here" button below will only take you to a placeholder dummy .txt file, so follow the below link to download.

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